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Improving Lean Manufacturing Through 3D Data 
by Dr Hiroshi Toriya

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In his latest book, Dr. Hiroshi Toriya, Managing Director of Lattice Technology, delivers in-depth interviews with high-level Japanese manufacturers, all of whom are working to build lean practices into their manufacturing processes by using 3D data throughout the enterprise.

This 13 chapter book delivers in-depth studies of companies including Toyota, Brother Industries, Alpine Precision, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, to name but a few, as they create and innovate processes that use 3D in downstream manufacturing. Other chapters deliver vital resources on the challenges manufacturers are facing, and how Japanese manufacturers are planning to overcome them.

Using Japanese manufacturers as an example, this book can help manufacturers across the globe learn new ways to improve manufacturing processes, retain shop floor knowledge, and cope with an aging workforce, by using existing 3D data assets. And with the current economic turbulence that all manufacturers currently face, making manufacturing even more lean, efficient and productive remains a critical key across the globe.

Originally published in Japanese in 2009, this book is now available in English as a free e-book (registration required), and is available for immediate download.

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