XVL Player

XVL Player for Windows

View and Interrogate 3D Models for Free

XVL Player Introductory Video

XVL Player for Windows is FREE. It can be used in two modes:
  • Standalone Windows Application
  • Browser-based Application for Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

3D Animation
Viewer / Player

Easily create animations in XVL Studio and allow any of your stakeholders to view animations and more with the FREE player.


  • Animated & Interactive Work Instructions: Clear communication of procedures for assembly or service - more
  • Cross Section & Measure: Explore the internals of an assembly - more
  • Collaboration: Communicate with stakeholders in a rich environment – more
  • Full Assembly Viewing: Load even the largest models on basic PCs and laptops – more
  • Interactive Assembly Structure: Explore your assembly with advanced features - more
  • MSOffice Support:  Embed the XVL Player and model in Microsoft Office documents – more
  • Product PMI and Meta Data: View PMI and meta data that was authored in the CAD system – more
  • Security: Create secure viewing with AES encryption approved by NIST – more
  • View: Examine your models with robust viewing options including full camera control and multiple display modes - more

 XVL Player Pro

Adds additional features to XVL Player. A licensing fee applies.

  • Copy and Export Images
  • Import Geometry
  • Save Files in Multiple Formats

      Learn more about XVL Player Pro.




XVL® (eXtensible Virtual world description Language), an XML-based, neutral format used for compression, conversion, and integration of 3D data.