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XVL Player for Windows

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Download XVL Player for Windows to view and interrogate and 3D CAD model

XVL Player – One of the family of FREE products for consuming 3D XVL data models

XVL Player enables users to easily visualize and interrogate 3D CAD models. Using XVL Player, anyone can view (including animations), rotate, measure, and cross-section 3D models. Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) can be viewed (including GD&T) along with the complete assembly tree.  

Work instructions are a powerful capability offered by Lattice Technology. These instructions are textual based, step-by-step instructions that are attached to geometry and are used to complete complex tasks such as assembly for the manufacturing line or service procedures. Work instructions, which may include animations, are fully supported by XVL Player.

Because the models are extremely small (usually less than 1% of the original CAD model size), XVL Player allows users to visualize and interrogate extremely large and complete assemblies on minimally configured desktops and laptops.  There are even solutions for iOS devices like the Apple iPad.

XVL Player is a FREE Windows application for desktops and laptops.  It can be opened in two different modes: as a standalone application or as a browser-based application with an add-on for Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

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Key Benefits of  the FREE XVL Player for Viewing and Interrogating 3D CAD Models

  • Free viewer – Build productivity by allowing all users within your supply chain to quickly and easily use your 3D data assets regardless of location. Users can quickly and easily view and distribute XVL documents using the free XVL Player.
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use – XVL Player’s intuitive user interface can be learned within minutes, allowing users to rapidly zoom, pan, rotate, interact with the 3D, play 3D XVL animations, perform interactive cross-sections, and support hot links and triggers.
  • No need for high-end hardware – XVL Player only requires a Windows operating system and Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to be able to function. Combined with the very lightweight 3D XVL data, this means that users with lower specification hardware platforms can easily and rapidly view the data required to do their jobs.
  • Build productivity in a distributed supply chain – Customers have found concrete benefits for XVL Player across a distributed supply chain: Being able to view 3D XVL data freely and quickly reduces language barriers, builds accuracy in production, and eradicates errors in assembly. The small footprint of the XVL data means that it is far easier to send data across a network.
  • Handle large data sets – View very large 3D data assemblies on even the lowest specification PC and still have control of the display modes for even faster display of the data. XVL Player is designed to use very small amounts of memory and utilize the graphics display to their best advantage, leveraging the industry’s lightest 3D format.
  • Security – XVL Player works alongside the XVL Signer software to build superior password-protected security on XVL files.


Full Camera Control
Viewing operations include: Pan, 3D Rotate, 2D Rotate, Zoom, Zoom Area, Fit to Window, Parallel, and Perspective Views, Undo View Change, and Reset View.
  • Wide variety of viewing preferences
  • Ease of use
  • Interactive with user input
Color Mapping
Display of color contours for data representations.
Display of Animations
XVL animations can be rapidly viewed and easily understood in XVL Player. This enhances very rapid comprehension of assembly and maintenance instructions, process animations and more, inside this intuitive, free viewer.
Real-Time Cross Section Display
Interactively move cutting planes through the scene while computing the model cross-sections. Display the results in real-time, still images and manipulate the cross-sectioned model.
Several Rendering Styles
Hidden Line, Wireframe, Shaded, and Textured.
Selectable Element Displays
Geometry (faces, edges, vertices), Comments and Annotations, and Dimensions.
Multiple Drag Modes
Wireframe, Rough, and Normal.
Surface Processing Controls
Surface processing parameters include: Tessellation Algorithm, Number of Subdivisions, and Surface Tolerance.
3D Animation
Plays all 3D animations defined in XVL files while supporting hot links and triggers.
Security Support
XVL Player works with XVL Signer to ensure secure delivery of 3D data. Only users with valid passwords can view signed XVL files.
Scripting Support
Completely scriptable via JavaScript and VBScript.
  • Open design capabilities
  • Optimized for graphics accelerator
  • Controllable access
Graphics Acceleration Support
OpenGL hardware acceleration is supported.
Browser Support
Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Office Support
XVL Player is an ActiveX control and can be embedded in Microsoft Office documents.

XVL® (eXtensible Virtual world description Language), an XML-based, neutral format used for compression, conversion, and integration of 3D data.

System Requirements