XVL Player

Technical Documentation

XVL Player is the free 3D viewer that enables anyone to view, rotate, measure, and cross-section 3D XVL data.  If animations are embedded in the file, XVL Player delivers full controls to view that data, plus assembly tree information.  It allows many people in multiple locations to be part of the technical document creation process or simply use it as a viewing or instructional tool.

The Pro version of XVL Player adds the ability to add to the existing XVL model using other XVL files.  This enables you to easily verify tooling, equipment product configurations and options.   The built in export image function lets you share your results with others.

XVL Player can also be easily embedded in documents such as a Microsoft Word document or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation making it easy to include interactive 3D content in reports and presentations.

XVL Player supports security and rights management necessary to protect your data.  XVL Signer and Adobe Livecycle Rights Management are supported.