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Technical Documentation Overview

Technical Documentation Software Solution

Automate the Basics of Creating Technical Documentation

Using 3D CAD data assets quickly and accurately in print and online technical documents provides significant and proven improvements in productivity across the organization. The Lattice Technology Solutions for Technical Documentation automatically deliver illustrations, animations, work instructions and more directly from your 3D data, eradicating lengthy, labor-intensive tasks even when design data changes. Deliver downstream documents long before physical prototyping begins

Create Print-Ready or 3D Interactive Technical Documentation

These flexible solutions allow you to create high quality print-ready and digital 2D and 3D documentation for both internal and external use, direct from 3D data, without having to wait for physical prototypes. These documents include shop floor instructions, print and online customer and service manuals, animated online instructions for maintenance and repair operations, marketing and sales documents, and support documentation.

Re-Use and Re-Purpose Your 3D CAD Models

Visual illustration and animated graphics are created directly from your 3D design data, and can be delivered in standard formats you use every day such as Microsoft Excel, HTML and PDF, or integrated into an existing PLM, ERP or document creation workflows already in place. The Lattice Technology Solutions provide a robust environment for combining related data from diverse sources – 3D CAD data from PLM systems, BOMs and process instructions from an ERP system, etc.

Automated Update of Technical Documents

Lattice Technology Solutions for Technical Documentation deliver automatic updating of downstream documentation both programmatically within a PLM system using Lattice Technology’s Enterprise Integration tools, or executed on the client-side desktop using Lattice Technology Solutions. This means that the downstream recipients, even in globally distributed enterprises, will always have up-to-date.

XVL has made our Electronic Product Catalog creation process Studio Pro,
about 50% faster than before while allowing us to retain
high quality illustrations.” — Multipart, UK


Creating usable documentation, instructions and illustrations directly from 3D has always proved challenging in part due to the proprietary 3D CAD formats in use that are incompatible with industry-standard illustration and documentation tools. That is changing with solutions from Lattice Technology that deliver automated and semi-automated tools for many varieties of manufacturing and support documentation directly from the 3D design data including:

  • Process lists that can be played alongside inter-related assembly animations
  • Automated assembly/disassembly animation creation
  • Fully-functioning 3D Parts Lists in Microsoft Excel
  • Fully-functioning 3D Parts Lists in HTML
  • Automated creation of 2D technical illustrations directly from 3D


Key Features & Benefits

  • Technical Illustration Direct from 3D
    Create high quality 2D Technical Illustrations direct from your 3D with greater accuracy and speed of delivery.
    Use output data as:
    • 2D vector illustration formats that can be used in Framemaker, AI and other applications for print and online manuals with full control of line thickness
    • 2D illustrations in print PDF
    • Interactive illustrations in 3D spreadsheets
    • Illustrations in printed Excel spreadsheets
    • Interactive illustrations in HTML and interactive 3D PDFs
  • 3D Parts Lists and mBOMs/sBOMs for productivity and efficiency on the shop floor, in procurement, shipping, production engineering, etc.
    Create spreadsheets that include inter-related 3D data and mBOMs/sBOMs directly from your 3D CAD data. Share the spreadsheets digitally (for full 3D performance) or in print. Be able to check each part listing, view the related part in 3D, measure, cross-section and view any animations contained within the model when using the spreadsheet digitally.
  • Work Instruction Documents in Print and Digital formats
    Delivering work instructions to the shop floor is often fraught with delays and errors, with last-minute engineering changes ignored because of the complexity required to change the instructions. Lattice Technology solutions allow those instructions to be quickly and seamlessly delivered in standard document formats, in print and digital media, and for automated updates even when engineering changes are made.
    • Read native 3D CAD formats directly into XVL Studio
    • Quickly deliver process instructions in XVL Studio using the assembly tree information from the 3D CAD data
    • Edit and add instructions, calculate time taken for each task etc.
    • Deliver the instructions in XVL, PDF, Excel, or HTML (with additional XVL Web Master software)
  • Enterprise Integration with ERP and PLM systems
    Our larger customers have integrated Lattice Technology Solutions with their PLM/PDM and ERP systems, including Enovia, Windchill, TeamCenter, SAP, as well as in-house PLM systems etc. As each company’s set of requirements is different, Lattice Technology’s approach is to provide a PLM Integration toolkit which enables multiple levels of integration from simple viewing of 3D files through to complete automated workflows. The work required for integration has typically been completed by System Integrators or by the customer themselves with support from Lattice Technology.
    Read more about the PLM Integration Toolkit


    XVL – The Industry’s Most Lightweight and Accurate 3D Format

    Lattice Technology solutions use the industry-leading XVL format to accurately compress 3D data so it can be used on standard desktop hardware, and yet retain the usability and functionality needed by manufacturers to perform or create the following: Digital mockups; process designs; kinematic simulations; design review; process instructions; instruction animations and illustrations, all directly from the 3D data. XVL is the industry’s most compressed 3D format while retaining the original accuracy of the 3D file. XVL allows companies to see, use and leverage even the largest 3D CAD assemblies with thousands of parts, which CAD platforms cannot easily do. Enhancing your existing 3D CAD, PLM and digital manufacturing processes into XVL via Lattice Technology solutions delivers proven higher productivity, significantly leaner efficiency and the potential for greater profit than ever before.
    Find out more about the XVL format