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XVL Studio 11.0 Overview iXVL Player Overview iXVL Player Overview XVL Studio Overview

An overview of the new XVL Studio Ver.11.0a


An overview of the iXVL Player


An overview of the iXVL Player An overview of the XVL Studio Human Option


Lattice 3D Reporter Getting Started XVL Player
Getting Started
XVL Studio
Getting Started — Part 1
XVL Studio
Getting Started — Part 2

A brief overview of the Lattice 3D Reporter features.


A quick introduction to the wide variety of tools available in the free XVL Player

File operation, license keys and settings for XVL Studio Viewing and exploration tools and basic 3D editing skills in XVL Studio

White Papers

Delivering Innovation In Manufacturing Through XVL Understanding Lightweight 3D formats XVL:
A Compact And Qualified 3D Representation
With Lattice Mesh and Surface for the Internet

Leveraging Design Review
Processes in a Digital
Manufacturing Age

by Hiroshi Toriya, CEO, Lattice Technology, 2008
Understand the extent and range of the industry-leading DMU and Technical Documentation solutions from Lattice Technology.

by the Lattice Technical Team, 2005
This older paper (2005) goes into the backgrounds behind lightweight CAD formats and their needs and uses in the manufacturing industry.

Technical information on XVL, and the way it handles surface, geometry and 3D data.

by Lattice Technology, 2011
How automated design review can be an integral part of a manufacturing process.

Data Sheets

XVL Studio: Design Review XVL Studio: Illustration XVL Studio: Animation Lattice3D Reporter

Versatile 3D Digital Assembly
XVL Studio brings you versatile 3D design review in a single, comprehensive package. In addition to creating custom illustrations and animations based on compressed CAD data, this groundbreaking Lattice application allows you to implement extremely efficient design review processes… More


Versatile 3D Illustration
XVL Studio contains a complete set of editing and annotation tools that allows any user to change the appearance and content of 3D models without revisiting a CAD application. XVL Studio delivers brilliant annotated 3D models or 2D images of parts and products for use throughout your company…More


Animation & Simulation In a Simple Comprehensive Package
The productivity of XVL Studio goes beyond generating rich illustrations of your parts and products from 3D CAD data. It can also easily animate the lightweight 3D models to show the complex relationships of assemblies…More
Interactive 3D Spreadsheets
Bring the intuitive power of 3D visualization to any report or part list. With Lattice3D Reporter, you can embed ultra-lightweight XVL versions of your 3D CAD models into any Microsoft Excel file to bring accurate, interactive parts and part numbers immediately into play during product design, engineering and manufacturing processes… More