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Lattice Technology customers around the world are decreasing costs and increasing productivity by leveraging the power of 3D XVL data across the manufacturing enterprise. Click below to see what they are saying about us:

Customer Videos

KVAL Inc. uses XVL to improve technical documentation, product support and shop floor processes. Watch the video now!

Customer Case Studies by Application

  DMU and Process Design Using Lattice Technology Solutions

L-3 Communications Delivers 3D Manufacturing Information to the Shop Floor


Digital Mock Up for Semi Conductor Manufacturing


Improving Assembly Processes Using XVL

  Internal and External Documentation Direct from 3D

Streamlining documentation in a manufacturing operation


Creating 2D Technical Illustrations directly from 3D data


Delivering spare parts catalogs from Autodesk Inventor using XVL


XVL as a Backbone of the MAN Process Chain


Opening Manufacturing ‘Doors' with 3D Communication


More accurate and faster document creation


Reducing procurement errors


Faster Learning Curves on the Shop Floor

Our Customers reach across all varieties of manufacturing including aerospace & Defence, automotive, machinery manufacturing, electronics, transportation and more (As a courtesy to our clients, we only publish names that have been approved. Thus this is a partial list)

Automotive Toyota Honda Subaru Aisin
Heavy Machinery John Deere Grimme Liebherr  
Aerospace & Defense Lockheed Martin Boeing Pratt & Whitney MBDA
Electronics Sony Sanyo Hitachi Alps
Transportation Optare MAN Trucks    
Consumer Goods Phillips Sharp Konica Minolta  
Other Emhart Glass Seidenader Multi Part  



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