Faster Learning Curves on the Shop Floor with Hitachi Online Manuals

It's a proven fact that people learn faster by viewing 3D images and data. Understanding this, Hitachi's cell manufacturing division leveraged Lattice Technology's XVL to improve productivity throughout its worldwide factory assembly line. And, that, in turn, helped Hitachi build the metal platform for the world's fastest, most modern train — the new bullet train.

"Using Lattice Technology's unmatched compression and 3D applications, we converted paper-based manuals to a 3D online manual that was fully animated," explained Hitachi Manufacturing. "3D applications don't need a lot of word translation, so this enabled us to use the same manual for a worldwide audience. One of the key benefits is that with 3D our factory employees can stop, rotate, zoom in, and examine assembly instructions much more thoroughly. They are now learning 20% faster, receiving more accurate technical illustrations and retaining the information better. We perceive this as the main reason that we've been able to reduce operation mistakes by 35%."

Hitachi is also now able to transmit the highly compressed file globally via the net. This enables engineering, process planning and manufacturing to share in process development and manual design. With automatically updated manuals being created and used across the enterprise, product accuracy and speed to market improves substantially, thereby leading to higher product quality, stronger employee and customer satisfaction, and cost reduction.