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Toyota saves 30% with Lattice 3D softwareLATTICE TECHNOLOGY provides proven solutions for leveraging 2D & 3D beyond design and development and throughout the extended manufacturing enterprise. Our 3D Digital Manufacturing software enables you to rapidly deliver accurate Design Review, 3D simulations, animatons and inter-related BOMs and parts lists to create interactive 3D documents for uses ranging from process design, assembly instructions, 3D parts lists, technical illustrations and electronic training manuals (IETM). Based on XVL, operations can be quickly integrated with enterprise IT, to enable faster and more accurate creation of parts and products. The company's award-winning solutions increase organizations' efficiency, lower costs, and improve product quality in a lean manufacturing operation.

Proven track record

Lattice Technology's standards-based XVL technology has a strong track record of supporting 3D publishing and digital manufacturing for customers such as SONY, Toyota, MAN Trucks, Canon, Hitachi, and many others both large and small. The benefits of our 3D software extend across a large variety of industries including automotive, manufacturing, architecture, aerospace, high-tech, consumer electronics and medical.

Global reach

With over 500,000 users in more than 2000 companies, Lattice Technology serves the global 500 and their suppliers by offering easy-to-use 3D applications that enable customers to accelerate time to market, increase product quality and reduce costs.

Founded in 1997, Lattice Technology is a privately-held company headquartered in Tokyo. The company has offices worldwide and works with resellers in 91 countries.


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