Web3D Manager for Viewing 3D CAD with WebGL

XVL Web3D Manager

An Enterprise Solution for Browser-Based Access to 3D Models


Interactive Web3D Samples

View these samples with any standard web browser, NO plug-in is required.

Your models could be available to your stakeholders just as easily, with added security. Viewable with any web browser that supports HTML5...computers, laptops, even tablets.

Interactive Sample #1

The template used for this example includes a browser for the Bill of Materials, Part Description Window, and the Parts List.

Interactive Sample #2

This sample includes four models.  The template used includes the browser for the Bill of Materials.


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Product Overview

XVL Web3D Manager is a server-based product that manages and distributes web content derived from an XVL model.

 XVL is uniquely suited for this because it is ultralightweight while maintaining CAD-level accuracy so that even gigabyte-sized CAD models can be accessed at one time.

And XVL can handle manufacturing information, such as Bills of Materials (BOMs) and metadata. 3D documents can easily be created and shared among the enterprise via modern web browsers which support HTML5 (without additional plugins) including tablets. 

Common Use Cases

Anyone who needs access to 3D model and related data can benefit from XVL Web3D Manager. It is easy to use and enables access for viewing for FREE to anyone. Since the XVL format is ultralightweight, entire products can be accessed, even those with hundreds, if not thousands of subassemblies and parts.

Here are some specific uses cases:

  • Shop floor assembly: Access to interactive assembly work instructions1
  • Service: Access to interactive service instructions1
  • Parts Catalog: Create intuitive and interactive system for part identification
  • Procurement: Access to complete product model information and metadata
  • Design Reviews: Enable stakeholders to quickly and easily participate

1Using Lattice Technology’s XVL Studio, process steps are defined for purposes such as assembly and service. The ability to include these process steps in Web3D Manager will be available in the second half of 2019. 

​​​​​​Products Characteristics

  • Extend the use of 3D CAD models: By enabling web access using a secure format. Only authorized users can access the 3D content.
  • Increate Understanding: Interactive 3D models are easier to understand saving time, increasing productivity and quality.
  • MBE: Enables the model-based enterprise approach to reduce or eliminate unnecessary and hard to understand 2D drawings and documents.
  • Simple Creation: 3D documents are created automatically using a template from all standard 3D CAD systems.
  • Streamline Integration of Design Changes: When a design change is made in the native CAD system, the XVL model is updated and all changes are displayed visually and in a report. The person responsible for authoring the XVL will process the changes, updating the XVL model and web content.


Large Data Handling
For example, a full vehicle can be loaded on a mobile table using our smart-loading technology.

Use Standard Modern Web Browsers Without Plug-Ins
XVL Web3D Manager uses WebGL technology so that the 3D models can be viewable from any standard modern web browser that supports HMTL5.

Animated Web Content2
2D documents are static and require a lot of text information to describe complicated work. By utilizing 3D data and animations, much of the text information can be eliminated

2Using Lattice Technology’s XVL Studio, 3D process animations can be created. These animations can be accessed from other Lattice Technology viewing options but will not be supported by Web3D Manager until the second half of 2019.