XVL Studio Series

XVL Studio is for authoring and publishing content converted from virtually any 3D CAD system. XVL Studio is available in Basic, Standard, and Pro versions.

Product Summary

Using XVL Studio, it is possible to improve the assembly process by verifying processes and providing clear communication to the manufacturing floor that 3D CAD cannot do.

Use Cases Include:

Author Work Instructions

XVL Studio gives the user the ability to create powerful, visual work instructions that are linked to accurate part geometry. Work instructions commonly include three view panes: 1) 3D parts/assemblies, 2) process tree for assembly/service, and 3) bill of materials (BOM) - all of which are linked and may include animations. 

XVL Studio also automates much of the authoring task by creating part paths for assembly/disassembly and automatic camera positioning for optimal viewing of the step. Learn More.

Create Technical Documentation

XVL Studio puts the power in the hands of the technical illustrator. Leveraging the CAD geometry, the illustrator can focus on how to best visually communicate. Easily create standard illustrations with all of the features you would expect, or create interactive 3D illustrations. Now supporting 3D PDF. Learn More.

Design and Validate Processes with Digital Mock Up

XVL Studio can be used to model entire assembly/services processes. For instance, the entire assembly process can be modeled in order to validate the manufacturing plan. Using XVL Studio, models of tooling and fixtures can be included in the XVL model -- even human mannequins with realistic movement can be included. Learn More.

Three Versions

XVL Studio is available in three versions, each with various additional options. Visit XVL Studio Features and Benefits for a detailed comparison of the three versions of XVL Studio.

XVL Studio Pro

Includes Standard plus interference checking, clearance analysis.

XVL Studio Standard

Includes Basic plus work instructions, animations, process definitions.

XVL Studio Basic

Includes measurement, annotation authoring, cross-sectioning.

Some of the options available: 

Pro and Standard include "annotation view option" and "list editing option". Basic can be added as an option.


Human Option
(Pro / Standard option)

Verify workability with human body model


Routing Option
(Pro / Standard option)

Distribution examination examination and assembling examination using animation


Difference Detection Option

Accurately grasp changes before and after design change


Illustration Creation Option

Create a technical illustration from XVL

File Input Option

Target 3D data can be imported directly into XVL Studio

  • Parasolid input option
  • CATIA V4 input option
  • STEP option

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