XVL Studio Series

DMU tool that realizes design review, process design, verification, editing, browsing, etc. with XVL data

Product Summary

The XVL Studio series is a viewer for editing and viewing XVL data.

It is possible to improve the quality of drawings by design verification and communication that 3D CAD can not do.

In addition, it is possible to create service document creation without actual machine by parts catalog and automatic generation of illustrations.

We offer three different grades and various additional options, depending on the task and application to be applied.

Target Business

Design, Production Technology, Manufacturing, Service, Custom Support

Product Introduction

Three grades tailored to business applications

Features of each grade, detailed information can be seen from the link below.

XVL Studio Pro

Design review support function

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XVL Studio Standard

Animation generation
Process Animation 
Simple illustration generation function

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XVL Studio Basic

Basic functions of viewer

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Click here for a list of features for each grade.

Pro and Standard include "annotation view option" and "list editing option". Basic can be added as an option.

Various options to support business processes


Human Option
(Pro / Standard option)

Verify workability with human body model


Routing Option
(Pro / Standard option)

Distribution examination examination and assembling examination using animation


Difference Detection Option

Accurately grasp changes before and after design change


Illustration Creation Option

Create a technical illustration from XVL

File Input Option

Target 3D data can be imported directly into XVL Studio

  • Parasolid input option
  • CATIA V4 input option
  • STEP option

Case study Pickup

List is here

Toyota Motor Corporation

Utilization of 3D digital engineering in vehicle development, production and preparation

Toyota Motor Corporation

Use Viewer to get the power to think-Aiming at improving the quality of matching-

Nanao Corporation

Front loading by using 3D data

KCM Corporation

3D application connecting the ideal and reality of manufacturing


XVL Studio シリーズ機能一覧表です( 2018 年 10 月更新 )

機能 XVL Studio Pro XVL Studio Standard XVL Studio Basic
対応言語 対応言語 日本語・英語・ドイツ語・フランス語・韓国語
表示 ビュー操作、ウォークスルー、フライスルー
マルチビュー、三面図表示 ●(リスト編集 Opt.)
プロッタ実寸表示 × ×
編集 アセンブリ構成編集、パート移動/回転、レイヤ編集
パート位置合わせ、自動分解、分解アニメ自動生成 ×
パーツリスト編集/入出力(CSV) △(CSV 入出力のみ)
設計変更検出/反映 ●(リスト編集 or
イラスト作成 Opt.)
Microsoft Office への埋め込み × × ×
注記・寸法・計測 距離、角度、半径/直径、座標値
注釈ビュー登録/反映、マークアップ作成 ●(注釈ビュー Opt.)
断面 断面表示、断面線生成
多方向断面生成 ●(イラスト作成 Opt.) ●(イラスト作成 Opt.)
軌跡沿いの断面、リアルタイム 2D 断面/計測 × ×
断面線出力(IGES、DXF) × ×
干渉チェック 総当り干渉、指定部品間干渉チェック
干渉/接触/クリアランス箇所表示、干渉量計算、断面表示 × ×
干渉チェックレポート出力(Excel) × ×
オフセット形状生成 × ×
動的干渉チェック 動的干渉チェック(部品移動時)
動的干渉チェック(アニメ再生時)、リアルタイム距離計算 × ×
形状差分検出 面単位差分検出
差分検出リスト表示、差分カラーマップ表示 ●(差分検出 Opt.) ●(差分検出 Opt.) ●(差分検出 Opt.)
ビジュアル形状比較、差分箇所抽出 ●(差分検出 Opt.) ●(差分検出 Opt.) ●(差分検出 Opt.)
アニメーション アニメーション定義 ×
アニメーション再生 ×
工程 工程/製造ツリー編集 ×
工程用自動分解、アニメ自動生成/編集 ×
工程ライブラリ、工程リスト編集/入出力(CSV) ×
バリエーション、工具/設備のインポート、アニメ編集 × ×
ヒューマン 人体モデルのインポート、姿勢定義 ●(ヒューマン Opt.) ●(ヒューマン Opt.) ×
部品吸着、主観ビュー ●(ヒューマン Opt.) ●(ヒューマン Opt.) ×
イラスト 軌跡線作成 ●(イラスト作成 Opt.)
分解単位/順序設定、イラスト用自動分解、分解位置編集 ●(イラスト作成 Opt.) ●(イラスト作成 Opt.) ●(イラスト作成 Opt.)
バルーン注記自動生成/編集 ●(イラスト作成 Opt.) ●(イラスト作成 Opt.) ●(イラスト作成 Opt.)
イラスト用ファイル出力パラメータ設定 ●(イラスト作成 Opt.) ●(イラスト作成 Opt.) ●(イラスト作成 Opt.)
入力ファイル XVL(*.xv3、*.xv2、*.xv0)
CATIA V4、Parasolid、STEP ●(各ファイル入力 Opt.) ●(各ファイル入力 Opt.) ●(各ファイル入力 Opt.)
出力ファイル XVL(*.xv3、*.xv2、*.xv0)
イラスト用ファイル(SVG、DXF、EPS、CGM) ●(イラスト作成Opt.)
Web用コンテンツ用ファイル(HTML5) ×
2D図面用ファイル(DXF) × ×

XVL Studio シリーズ機能一覧 PDF

機能一覧を PDF でダウンロードできます


XVL Studio シリーズは次の環境で動作します( リリース Ver.17.0 時点 )

  32bit 版 64bit 版
OS Windows 7 日本語版
Windows 7 x64 日本語版
Windows 8.1 日本語版
Windows 8.1 x64 日本語版
Windows 10 日本語版
Windows 10 x64 日本語版
Windows 7 x64 日本語版
Windows 8.1 x64 日本語版
Windows 10 x64 日本語版
CPU 1GHz の Intel または AMD CPU Intel 64 対応の Intel または AMD64 対応の AMD CPU
メモリ 1GB 2GB
HDD 700MB 以上の空き領域
  • 各言語版の XVL 製品は対応する言語版の Windows 上でのみ動作します。ご利用の Windows の言語に対応している XVL 製品がない場合には英語版製品をご利用ください。
  • 64 bit 版 Windows 環境では、XVL Studio 32 bit 版は 32 bit プログラムとして動作します。64 bit プログラムとして動作させる場合は XVL Studio 64 bit 版をご利用下さい。
  • その他動作環境の詳細につきましては XVL 販売代理店またはラティス・テクノロジーにお問い合わせください。

List of Functions

XVL Studio Series Function List (Updated October 2018)

function XVL Studio Pro XVL Studio Standard XVL Studio Basic
supported language supported language Japanese, English, German, French, Korean
display View operation, walk through, fly through Moth Moth Moth
Display accuracy change Moth Moth Moth
Wire frame, hidden line display Moth Moth Moth
Assembly configuration display, part display / non-display Moth Moth Moth
Full screen display, clipping display Moth Moth Moth
Multiview, three view display Moth Moth ● (Edit list Opt.)
Plotter actual size display Moth × ×
Edit Assembly configuration editing, part movement / rotation, layer editing Moth Moth Moth
Part property editing Moth Moth Moth
Material / Texture / Light Editing Moth Moth Moth
Camera registration / reflection Moth Moth Moth
Part Alignment, Automatic Decomposition, Automatic Generation of Decomposition Animation Moth Moth ×
Parts list editing / input / output (CSV) Moth Moth ((CSV input / output only)
Design change detection / reflection Moth Moth ● (List edit or
illustration creation Opt.)
Embed in Microsoft Office × × ×
Notes, dimensions, measurement Distance, angle, radius / diameter, coordinate value Moth Moth Moth
Surface area, volume, center of gravity, moment of inertia, projected area Moth Moth Moth
Note editing, auxiliary point / auxiliary line / simple shape creation Moth Moth Moth
Undercut detection Moth Moth Moth
Snapshot and
annotation view
Snapshot registration / reflection Moth Moth Moth
Batch image output (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF) Moth Moth Moth
Annotation view registration / reflection, markup creation Moth Moth ● (Annotation view Opt.)
cross section Section display, section line generation Moth Moth Moth
Multidirectional section generation Moth ● (Illustration Opt.) ● (Illustration Opt.)
Cross section along the trajectory, real-time 2D cross section / measurement Moth × ×
Cross section line output (IGES, DXF) Moth × ×
Interference check Brute force interference, specified part interference check Moth Moth Moth
Interference parts list display Moth Moth Moth
Interference / Contact / Clearance display, Interference calculation, Cross section display Moth × ×
Interference check report output (Excel) Moth × ×
Offset shape generation Moth × ×
Dynamic interference check Dynamic interference check (when moving parts) Moth Moth Moth
Dynamic interference check (during animation playback), real-time distance calculation Moth × ×
Shape difference detection Plane unit difference detection Moth Moth Moth
Difference detection list display, difference color map display ● (Difference detection Opt.) ● (Difference detection Opt.) ● (Difference detection Opt.)
Visual shape comparison, difference location extraction ● (Difference detection Opt.) ● (Difference detection Opt.) ● (Difference detection Opt.)
animation Animation definition Moth Moth ×
Animation playback Moth Moth ×
Process Process / production tree editing Moth Moth ×
Automatic decomposition for process, automatic generation / editing of animation Moth Moth ×
Process library, process list editing / input / output (CSV) Moth Moth ×
Variation, import of tools / equipment, animation editing Moth × ×
Human Human body model import, posture definition ● (Human Opt.) ● (Human Opt.) ×
Parts suction, subjective view ● (Human Opt.) ● (Human Opt.) ×
An illustration Trace line creation Moth Moth ● (Illustration Opt.)
Disassembly unit / order setting, automatic disassembly for illustration, disassembly position editing ● (Illustration Opt.) ● (Illustration Opt.) ● (Illustration Opt.)
Automatic balloon note generation / editing ● (Illustration Opt.) ● (Illustration Opt.) ● (Illustration Opt.)
File output parameter setting for illustration ● (Illustration Opt.) ● (Illustration Opt.) ● (Illustration Opt.)
Input file XVL (* .xv3, * .xv2, * .xv0) Moth Moth Moth
VRML2, OBJ, STL, 3DS, DWG / DXF, IGES, U3D, 3D PDF Moth Moth Moth
CATIA V4, Parasolid, STEP ● (each file input Opt.) ● (each file input Opt.) ● (each file input Opt.)
Output file XVL (* .xv3, * .xv2, * .xv0) Moth Moth Moth
VRML2, OBJ, STL, 3DS, DWG / DXF, IGES, U3D, 3D PDF Moth Moth Moth
Image file (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF) Moth Moth Moth
Illustration file (SVG, DXF, EPS, CGM) Moth Moth ● (Illustration Opt.)
Web Content File (HTML 5) Moth Moth ×
2D drawing file (DXF) Moth × ×

XVL Studio Series Function List PDF

Function list can be downloaded as PDF

Operating environment

XVL Studio series works in the following environment (as of release Ver. 17.0)

  32 bit version 64-bit version
OS Windows 7 Japanese version
Windows 7 x64 Japanese version
Windows 8.1 Japanese version
Windows 8.1 x64 Japanese version
Windows 10 Japanese version
Windows 10 x64 Japanese version
Windows 7 x64 Japanese version
Windows 8.1 x64 Japanese version
Windows 10 x64 Japanese version
CPU 1 GHz Intel or AMD CPU Intel 64 based Intel or AMD64 compatible AMD CPU
memory 1GB 2GB
HDD 700 MB free space
  • Each language version of XVL product works only on the corresponding language version of Windows. If you do not have an XVL product that supports your Windows language, please use the English version.
  • In the 64-bit version Windows environment, XVL Studio 32-bit version operates as a 32-bit program. Please use XVL Studio 64 bit version to operate as a 64 bit program.
  • For other operating environment details, please contact your XVL reseller or Lattice Technology.

Product trial

By actually trying out the product, you can consider the usage image in business.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in XVL product evaluation.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests for information.