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Save time, money and effort with the XVL Digital Manufacturing Packages from Lattice Technology

Rapidly build productivity, accuracy and efficiency in your product design and manufacturing processes, and save up to 20% immediately on the software that helps you achieve that!

Finding new ways to increase productivity, raise efficiency and reduce costs in manufacturing is challenging, but there's no better way to do that than by adopting Lattice Technology Digital Manufacturing solutions into your workflow. With our solutions, our customers have:

  • Decreased design review times by more than 66%
  • Reduced lead times on new products by 60%
  • Increased accuracy of parts ordering by 25%
  • Reduced modification rates on design data by 90%
  • Significantly reduced product development costs

You can too!


And now with Digital Manufacturing packages, you can increase productivity and still save money! See package descriptions below.


Save With XVL Today
Illustration Package Process Animation  & 3D Parts List Package Digital Mockup Package
Create realistic illustrations from 3D data and Save 10%! Generate 3D animations and 3D interactive parts lists from your 3D data and save 14% or more! Save 20% on the Lattice Technology Digital Mockup package – and build accuracy, efficiency and productivity into your digital manufacturing process.

Save money and time by creating realistic, convincing 2D illustrations directly from your 3D data with Lattice Technology’s Illustration package.


This package delivers:

  • XVL Studio Basic,
  • One plug-in XVL Converter
  • The Illustration upgrade for XVL Studio
  • Maintenance for 1 year

The Lattice Technology Illustration package allows you to seamlessly convert your 3D CAD data into XVL Studio and rapidly and efficiently create and save 2D illustrations in .SVG, EPS, and DXF. It doesn’t cost as much as you think, especially when you save 10% on our Illustration package deal.

Quickly simulate and animate moving 3D parts on an assembly process, and build accuracy and understanding of a complex design. Report and share your findings in interactive 3D Parts Lists via Excel Spreadsheet.


This package delivers:

  • XVL Studio Standard,
  • One plug-in XVL Converter
  • Lattice3D Reporter
  • Maintenance for 1 year

These tools bring streamlined functionality for engineers to rapidly animate and simulate moving 3D parts on a design, edit an assembly structure and define steps for production.  Transfer your 3D data into interactive 3D parts list in Excel spreadsheets and share interactive 3D BOMs with your team members, departments and suppliers.

Rapidly create accurate digital mockups of product designs directly from your 3D data, while being able to validate, review, check, animate and simulate the assembly in XVL Studio Pro. Benefit from automated reporting of interferences and clearances via Excel spreadsheets and automated disassembly /assembly functions for your design.


This package delivers:

  • XVL Studio Pro
  • One plug-in XVL Converter
  • Maintenance for 1 year

Best of all, receive 20% off list prices by signing up now to see a demonstration of our Digital Manufacturing solutions.


Offer ends Feb 28, 2009.

Valid for all regions in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

Discounts range from 10-20% which includes maintenance for the first year. For pricing in local currency, please contact Lattice Technology or your local Reseller (see list)

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