Free Full-Functioning 3D CAD Player and Viewers for XVL

All players and viewers from Lattice Technology are FREE

From the Windows browser-based application to the Microsoft® Excel®  and other options -- Lattice Technology allows you to share your data for FREE --

  • within your company
  • externally with stakeholders (e.g. suppliers and tooling vendors)
  • with your customers.

The ultra-lightweight XVL data structure allows for very large models to be examined using minimally configured PCs to laptops to mobile devices. The XVL model size is typically less than 1% of the original CAD model size. For example, the satellite sample model (which you will find on the samples page) was over 3GB in SolidWorks® and the resulting XVL model was only 3.5MB.

3D CAD Model Player for Windows — Browser Plug-In for Internet Explorer and Firefox


XVL Player™ for Laptops and Desktop PCs
Browser based PC application

Browser-Based PC Application

This browser-based application enables anyone to view, rotate, measure and cross-section 3D XVL data as well as view the assembly tree. Additionally, work instructions and animations created with XVL Studio are available. XVL Player allows users with lower specification PCs and laptops to quickly see complex 3D data and information without needing expensive hardware, software or lengthy training.

Use Microsoft Excel to View Interactive 3D and Work Instructions


Lattice3D Reporter Viewer for Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel Add-in

Microsoft Excel Add-In

Anyone with Microsoft Excel can view interactive 3D Lattice Technology models, which are linked toBOMs, assembly instructions, procurement lists etc. The authoring tool, Lattice3D Reporter, must be purchased, but the viewing add-in is free. Users who receive the embedded Microsoft Excel file simply need to download the free 3D Reporter Viewer add-in for Microsoft Excel (Note: you will need to register; then you will receive an email to download both this plug-in and also XVL Player).

NOTE: The Lattice3D Reporter Viewer Microsoft Excel add-in (available at no cost) allows files created with 3D Reporter Player to be viewed and interrogated. The license for Lattice 3D Reporter Player is a purchased license (trials are available upon request).

Lattice Technology Sample Data

Download sample files for the all of the viewers to see them in action.

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