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LATTICE3D serves over 2,000 clients in seven major industries. The company's 40+ easy-to-use 3D applications, with their unmatched compression, enable clients to dramatically improve their bottom-line. Our 3D software solutions fit the needs of a wide range of companies: from the 50-person outfit to the 50,000 person global entity.


Lattice3D helps organizations, such as NASA, share and provide more accurate, intuitive, interactive 3D instructions and designs throughout the organization. The company's applications enable aerospace companies to create interactive training manuals (IETMs), parts lists and assembly instructions that speed learning time by 20% for maintenance crews and technicians, while reducing errors by 30%. It also allows departments and suppliers throughout the enterprise to share 2D or 3D images and automatically track the latest design changes — all of which improve quality and reduce costs for companies such as Boeing, Lockheed, and Bell Helicopters.


Leading automotive companies such as Toyota, Honda, and Volvo, use Lattice's proven 3D applications throughout their supply chain. Design cycles are dramatically shortened via the sharing of lightweight 3D images and data between R&D and production engineering. Supplier parts accuracy increases by 25% through the creation of automatic 3D parts lists and web-based bidding systems developed for procurement. Manufacturing receives accurate and intuitive 3D animated assembly instructions describing each step of the process and reducing errors by 30%. Technical illustrators can create line art drawings and illustrations from 3D models directly instead of recreating them, reducing production time by 50%. After market support receives up-to-date 3D graphic, XML-based parts descriptions improve accuracy by reducing errors up to 35%. All of these benefits, automatically derived from 3D drawings, result in faster, more efficient and less expensive processes.

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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics companies such as Sony, Casio, and Sharp, use Lattice3D's applications for assembly, procurement, and quality assurance. We've enabled them to reduce outsourcing complexities using lightweight 3D software. Measurements, parts, and assembly have all increased accuracy by 25-30% across the enterprise due to Lattice3D's unmatched compression and standards-based 3D format. For example, our technical illustration applications enable companies to create accurate, clear user manuals in half the time. It's also responsible for customer service departments reducing incoming calls up to 35% by allowing customers to view automatically updated parts lists, 3D accessories and assembly instructions. This makes out-of-date manuals a thing of the past.

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Battlefields demand secure, wireless, accurate, lightweight, and easy to understand digitized information. From maintenance manuals for aircrafts and automobiles, replacement orders for broken parts, to geographic information systems (GIS), our 3D applications provide the soldier in the field with an easy to use, easy to visualize way to achieve objectives. Visuals of 3D terrain may be transmitted up to 250x faster using our unique 3D technology, while parts data is transmitted up to 200x faster. Lattice3D also helps improve medical diagnosis and treatment for soldiers around the globe enabling the fast transmission of 3D CAT/ MRI/X-Ray data for rapid analysis and feedback of medical advice from experts worldwide. Don't let your sensitive data get into the wrong hands by printing it on difficult to destroy paper, use encrypted electronic data for a more secure process.


Leading architectural companies increasingly rely on 3D graphics to create accurate, easy to visualize designs. At the same time, these designs need to be shared interactively with offices and clients across the globe, which can be challenging since 3D images can create extremely large, difficult files that require expensive software to manipulate. Lattice3D's unmatched compression and web-based applications are the solution for creating accurate, highly compressed 3D documents that enable increased collaboration. Our company's 3D applications allow for desktop and laptop presentations based on the architect's master model. Therefore, no re-creation is needed, and designs are automatically updated with the latest input. To top it all off, thanks to our unmatched compression, 3D data is stored in a fraction of the space originally needed. Translation: buy 1 server instead of 150. Think of the savings in archiving alone!


Digital manufacturing and product lifecycle management (PLM) have become today's buzzwords. They promise to change the way manufacturing is done. Lattice3D's approach is to integrate with all major PLM applications, while at the same time, providing point solutions for each step of the manufacturing process that does not require full PLM implementation. In engineering we enable lightweight 3D images and data to be shared between R&D and sales, dramatically shortening design cycles. For procurement we have 3D parts lists and web-based bidding systems that increase supplier parts accuracy by 25%. Manufacturing receives accurate and intuitive interactive training manuals (IETMs) animated to describe each step, thereby reducing errors by 30%. Technical illustrators pick up the 3D graphics drawings and create accurate 2D illustrations in half the time. After market support receives up-to-date XML-based parts descriptions with 3D graphics for better accuracy and a 35% reduction of errors. All of these benefits help the company improve their bottom line with faster, more efficient, less expensive processes.

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Medical data is increasingly produced in 3D image formats such as CAT and MRI scans. For efficient, accurate analysis, this data often needs to be transmitted rapidly and securely to leading experts around the globe or across the office. With the extremely large size of 3D image data, Lattice3D's unmatched compression is needed to transmit data up to 250x faster with no loss in accuracy. Our standards-based 3D format is XML-ready, allowing you to, for example, integrate 3D graphics and data with patient records for easy viewing. HIPAA-ready, Lattice3D's applications allow you to speed analysis, reduce costs, and dramatically reduce storage problems.

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