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Nov. 30, 2005 Lattice3D Announces that its Operations Will be Integrated into Lattice Technology
Nov. 14, 2005 Lattice3D 3D XVL Applications Implemented by Alps Automotive Inc
Nov. 7, 2005 Lattice3D XVL Converter Certified for Autodesk Inventor 10
Oct. 26, 2005 Lattice3D XVL Technology Selected by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG
Oct. 24, 2005 Lattice3D and TechniCon Form Reseller Partnership
Oct. 17, 2005 Lattice3D Q3 Results again Triple over Prior Year
Sep. 29, 2005 Lattice3D Announces Dramatic Increase in European Resellers
Sep. 21, 2005 Lattice3D and L-3 Communications to Present at Future Manufacturing
Sep. 13, 2005 Lattice3D Launches New Versions of 3D Publishing Suite
Sep. 12, 2005 Lattice3D to Present at Global Automotive Standards Event
Aug. 29, 2005

Lattice3D Launches New XVL Studio Product Family

Aug. 30-Sep. 1, 2005

Auto-Tech 2005 Detroit,MI (Booth #313)

Aug. 25, 2005

Lattice3D to Present at AIAG's AutoTech Event

Aug. 22, 2005

Lattice3D Names Antea as its Latest European Reseller

Jul. 26, 2005

Lattice3D's XVL Deployed by Seidenader GmbH for New 3D Parts Catalog

Jul. 19, 2005

Fourth 'XVL Solution World' Event Draws Record Attendance

Jul. 12, 2005

Lattice3D Announces Record Quarter and Over 30% Sequential Growth

Jul. 6, 2005

Lattice3D Awarded in START Magazine's "Hottest Companies" Issue

Jun. 28, 2005

Boeing Rocketdyne Incorporates Lattice3D Publishing Applications

Jun. 21, 2005

L-3 Communication Systems West Purchases Lattice3D 3D Publishing Tools

Jun.16, 2005

Lattice3D First to Announce 3D XML Support

Jun.13, 2005

Lattice3D Expands Distribution in Europe

Jun. 2, 2005

Lattice3D Announces Integration with WebSphere Product Center

Jun. 1-3, 2005

American Helicopter Society International Grapevine, TX

May 23-24, 2005

Daratech MVP - Novi, Michigan

May 17, 2005

Lattice3D Releases Enhancements for Leading 3D Publishing Applications

May 10, 2005

Emhart Glass Builds Rapid Spare Parts Catalogue with Lattice3D Technology

May 5, 2005

Lattice3D Signs Two New International Resellers

Apr. 27, 2005

Lattice3D Announces Record Quarter

Mar. 7, 2005

Lattice3D Hires Bill Barnes as Worldwide Channels Director

Mar. 7, 2005

ImpactXoft and Lattice3D Establish Business Partnership to Promote 3D Publishing

Mar. 7-10, 2005

See Lattice3D at NDES Booth #4116 March 7-10, 2005, Chicago, IL

Mar. 2, 2005

CoCreate Adds Lattice3D to Growing Viewing Formats

Jan. 18, 2005

Lattice3D Launches New 3D Publishing Suite

Nov. 4, 2004

Lattice3D Expands Presence in Europe by Adding 5 New Resellers

Oct. 26, 2004

Lattice3D Wins Competition Held At Department of Defense Maintenance Symposium and Exhibition

Oct. 5, 2004

Lattice3D and Trillium Teamologies Join Forces

Sept. 23, 2004

EASi to implement and sell Lattice3D's 3D publishing applications

Sept. 20, 2004

Lattice3D Selected As Finalist in Great Ideas Competition 2004

Sept. 16, 2004

TOYOTA Implements XVL Solutions Aimed at Productivity Gains in Manufacturing

July 8, 2004

Dassault Systèmes and Lattice Technology Team Up with Industry to Develop 3D XML for Product Lifecycle Management

May 20, 2004

Alpine Electronics Improves Manufacturing Process Using Lattice3D Technology

May 11, 2004

Lattice3D Technology Implemented at Kito Corporation

May 9-12, 2004

Society for Technical Communication, Baltimore, MD

May, 2004

A Couple of Cool Tools for Designers

Apr. 28, 2004

LATTICE3D Releases Unrivaled 3D Publishing Capabilities With New Ease-of-Use Products

Apr. 1-4, 2004

COFES, Scotsdale, AZ

Mar. 15-17, 2004

Heli-Expo 2004, Las Vegas, NV

Feb. 24, 2004

Speaking Engagement: "Discover What 500,000 Users Already Know", Alex Garcia-Tobar, President & CEO, Lattice3D, Inc.

Feb. 23-26, 2004

NDES, Chicago, IL

Feb. 23, 2004

Lattice3D's XVL format: Another option for 3D model publishing

Feb. 20 , 2004

NASA joins the XVL fan club

Feb. 18, 2004

NASA to use Lattice3D Technologies for Digital Shuttle Project.

Mar. 28, 2003

Lattice Technology, Inc. brought out an updated version of "XVL Signer". XVL Signer now ensures file security of 3D data by adopting Advanced Encryption Standard, the new encryption algorithm developed by NIST.

Mar. 11, 2003

Lattice Technology, Inc. releases a new product "XVL Notebook", a document creation tool to integrate 3D/2D and text data.

Feb. 7, 2003

Discreet, a Division of Autodesk, Inc. and Lattice Technology, Inc. tie strategic alliance, releasing "XVL-3ds max Converter" this month.

Dec. 2, 2002

Lattice Technology, Inc. brought out a new product "XVL Converter Enterprise". With conversion, revision tracking, and Web-based file sharing, XVL Converter Enterprise enables integrated management of 3D data over divisions and companies.

Nov. 25, 2002

Lattice Technology, Inc. developed a new option of "XVL Studio", in which "Point Cloud Evaluation" option brings Computer Aided Test data transmission over the network.

Oct. 22, 2002

Elsa Japan Inc. and Lattice Technology, Inc. cooperate to release graphic driver to enhance XVL display by 200% on Elsa's "Gloria" series.

Oct. 21, 2002

Lattice Technology, Inc. developed a technology to compress 3D scanner data by the order of 1/100. The technology enables transmission of measured 3D data over the network.

Sep. 30, 2002

Mitsui Zosen Systems Research Inc. releases "CAT Viewer" to generate measurement data of Inspection with XVL.

Aug. 7, 2002

Lattice Technology, Inc. provides the XVL technology to Nihon Unisys, Ltd. The 3D CAD/CAM integration system, "CADCEUS" and house design system, "DigiD" now support XVL output.

Jul. 29, 2002

UCHIDA YOKO Co., Ltd. opens an Web site "Leap Online". The site is dedicated to high-quality office chair "Leap Chair" by showcasing its variations and functions with a Web 3D technology, "XVL".

Nov. 26, 2001

Compaq and Lattice Technology, Inc. cooperate in manufacturing Web3D solution business, developing new engineering market place.

Oct. 2001

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. became the stockholder of Lattice Technology, Inc. jointly expanding the super-lightweight 3D technology business.

Aug. 6, 2001

Lattice Technology, Inc. brought out a new product "XVL Remote Converter". With the bulk bloc conversion of CAD data, XVL Remote Converter will enable sharing 3D data with multi users on the net.

Jul. 11, 2001

Lattice Technology, Inc. is tied up with Business Brain Showa-ota Inc. applying Web 3D technology XVL, into e-business solution field.

Jul. 3, 2001

Lattice Technology, Inc. launches XVL Illustration Module, which automatically creates illustration data.

Jul. 2, 2001

Lattice Technology, Inc. and CRC Research Institute, Inc. jointly develop W2E/XVL (Web Engineering Environment by XVL), the first XVL-enabled network CAE system in the world.

Jun. 14, 2001

Lattice Technology, Inc. provides XVL technology to NEC Engineering, Ltd. to use the data of Danae-R, 3D shape measuring device, on the Net.

Jun. 4, 2001

Lattice Technology, Inc. provides technology to NGC Corporation, to produce 3D animation on the Net with high-end 3D CG tool Maya.

Apr. 9, 2001

Lattice Technology, Inc. is tied up with TOYOTA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD and TOYOTA Caelum Incorporated, to strengthen sales to TOYOTA group.

Apr. 2001

Lattice Technology, Inc. partners with Expression Tools, Inc., to bundle XVL Converter in all products of Shade series.

Nov. 27, 2000

Lattice Technology, Inc. and ELYSIUM CO., LTD. jointly develops compression of CAD data and healing software. (Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

Oct. 2000

Lattice Technology, Inc. releases the specifications of XVL animation control and starts distributing XVL Player to play that animation.

Oct. 2000

Lattice Technology, Inc. launches XVL Converter, which reduces CAD data size to 1/100 or smaller to use it on the Net, and XVL Composer, the viewer of XVL3 data on the Net for engineering.

Sept. 29, 2000

Lattice Technology, Inc. completes to develop the technology that reduces 3D polygon data to 1/100 or far smaller, and starts licensing it as Lattice Kernel Ver4 for VAR/OEM.

Apr. 25, 2000

Lattice Technology, Inc. launches Lattice Designer, the design tool of XVL (XML-based representation method of 3D data), and XVL Player, which plays 3D animation.

Apr. 3, 2000

Lattice Technology, Inc. starts licensing Lattice Kernel V3, which reduces 3D data by using XML.

Dec. 3, 1999

Lattice Technology, Inc. starts free download service of XVL Viewer.

Dec. 3, 1999

Lattice Technology, Inc. receives an investment from TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION and builds up powerful structure of development.

Nov. 8, 1999

Lattice Technology, Inc. starts licensing Lattice Kernel V2, which reduces 3D CAD data size to 1/100 or smaller.

Oct. 18, 1999

Lattice Technology, Inc. upgrades Lattice Designer and starts distributing it worldwide.

Sep. 22, 1999

Lattice Technology, Inc. starts free download service of XVL Viewer.

Jun. 10, 1999

Lattice Technology, Inc. provides OEM of Lattice Kernel and Lattice Designer to PHOTRON LIMITED.

Jun. 8, 1999

Lattice Technology, Inc. starts providing Lattice Kernel OEM.

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