Work Instructions and Interactive Parts List
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Basic Operations
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iXVL Player

SnapShot function with dimensions on iPad (Snapshots are interactive)

An application for iPad®, iPhone® & iPod touch.

iXVL Player puts the power of Lattice Technology in the palm of your hand, anywhere, at any time, in an easy to use interface designed for the non-CAD user.

NOTE: Lattice Technology provides iOS mobile solutions at no-charge. If your models are published with iXVL Publisher, then you should use iXVL Player, otherwise use iXVL View. For a comparison of functionality Compare iXVL Player and iXVL View.

Product Information

Take your 3D data everywhere you take your iPad or other iOS device. Here is a sampling of the features of iXVL Player:

  • Access complete Work Instructions, consisting of Processes and Tasks (all linked to the interactive model).
  • Rotate, pan, zoom, fit to screen.
  • View your interactive 3D model with shading, textures and wire-frame.
  • Display property information of each part (meta data from the CAD system).
  • View the assembly tree and parts lists.
  • Examine Snapshots (which are interactive 3D) created with Lattice Technology tools. These Snapshots may include cross-sections, notes, measurements, exploded views and more.

To use iXVL Player, the model must be published with iXVL Publisher.  For more info see iXVL Player Users Guide.

NOTE: Lattice Technology provides two iOS mobile solutions at no-charge; compare iXVL Player and iXVL View.

System Requirements