XVL Can Accommodate Gigabyte Size CAD Files in a Single File

An XVL file contains the CAD-accurate geometry, the linked Bill of Materials, Assembly/Service Process Instructions and more

XVL Image Courtesy of the Toyota Motor Corporation


From Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, to Industrial Machinery, our customers are 3D Model-based manufacturers who design and assemble complex products.

Using tools from Lattice Technology, stakeholders can easily leverage 3D CAD models in order to author technical communications for their functional specific needs.

XVL is CAD Agnostic - supporting all major 3D CAD formats

This page covers the 3 steps for using XVL: CONVERT | AUTHOR | PUBLISH

There is an overview video at the bottom of this page

Convert and Update on Demand from ANY 3D CAD to XVL

  • SOLIDWORKS, Catia, NX, Autodesk Inventor, Creo and other native formats
  • XVL retains accuracy while reducing file sizes to 1% size of the Original CAD model
  • Models from multiple CAD files and formats can be combined into a single file of XVL
Convert and update any 3D CAD model from any file or size to XVL.

Author Content

  • Assembly Work Instructions
  • Design Review Interactive Documents
  • Service Instructions
  • Interactive Spare Part Catalogs
Author content such as assembly work instructions or service instructions with an easy viewer.


  • 2D  or Interactive 3D
  • View on Multiple Devices: Apple® iPad®, Tablets, Laptops
  • Choose from a Variety of Formats/Devices a Variety of Standard Formats: Microsoft® Excel®, Interactive Web Pages, 2D or 3D PDF, Apple® iOS
An example of a published 3D model of a vehicle.

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Digital Transformation with XVL using ANY 3D CAD

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