Work Instructions and Interactive Parts List
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Basic Operations
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iXVL Player

iXVL Player puts the power of Lattice Technology in the palm of your hand, anywhere, at any time, with an easy-to-use interface designed for the non-CAD user.

An application for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.

NOTE: Lattice Technology provides iOS mobile solutions at no-charge. Models mush be published with iXVL Publisher, in order to use iXVL Player.

Product Information

Take your 3D data everywhere you take your iPad or other iOS device. Here is a sampling of the features of iXVL Player:

  • Access complete Work Instructions, consisting of Processes and Tasks (all linked to the interactive model).
  • Rotate, pan, zoom, fit to screen.
  • View your interactive 3D model with shading, textures and wire-frame.
  • Display property information of each part (meta data from the CAD system).
  • View the assembly tree and parts lists.
  • Examine Snapshots (which are interactive 3D) created with Lattice Technology tools. These Snapshots may include cross-sections, notes, measurements, exploded views and more.

To use iXVL Player, the model must be published with iXVL Publisher.  For more info see iXVL Player Users Guide.

System Requirements

Available on the App Store symbol.