Product Overview

Lattice Technology products provide all the tools you need to convert your CAD and BOM data to XVL, author, edit and process the data, and publish and report the results.  Lattice also provides tools to integrate with existing workflows or manage the process independently.


Lattice Technology Products

Lattice Technology products leverage of the power of XVL to make your business processes more efficient.


  • XVL Converters - Convert all major CAD and neutral 3D formats to XVL.


  • XVL Studio Series - The ultimate XVL editing tools.  Whether you are just starting to view your 3D models or your are ready to check the layout of your next facility, the XVL Studio Series has a solution for you.
  • XVL Technical Illustration Suite - An XVL Studio solution bundle that contains everything you need to make technical illustrations from your 3D data.
  • XVL Work Instruction Suite - An XVL Studio solution bundle that contains everything you need to produce work instructions from your 3D data.
  • XVL Studio PointCloud - A version of XVL Studio that includes the ability to import, edit and manipulate point cloud data.

Publish & Manage

  • Lattice3D Reporter Series - Lattice3D Reporter tools enable you to publish your documents in MS Excel.  Your documents can contain interactive 3D models, 2D images and illustrations, parts lists and any other data.
  • XVL Web3D Manager - XVL Web3D Manager is a server-based tool that publishes, distributes and manages Web3D content.
  • XVL Content Manager - XVL Content Manager is server-based system that manages all aspects of XVL content creation - import, authoring and publishing.

Integration & Security

  • XVL BOM Assembler - XVL BOM Assembler provides the ability to assemble and disassemble XVL files following XML descriptions.
  • XVL Filter - XVL Filter automates processing of XVL data based on triggers set within the management system.
  • XVL Processor - XVL Processor automatically handles manipulation of external, non-CAD data such as CSV data and integrates it with XVL data based on predefined settings.
  • XVL Reducer - XVL Reducer automatically removes specified elements from XVL files, increasing security and reducing data size.
  • XVL Signer - XVL Signer provides standard excryption tools to secure your XVL data.

FREE Viewers

  • XVL Player - XVL Player is a FREE viewer for XVL files.  It operates primarily as a Windows desktop application.
  • Lattice3D Reporter Viewer - Lattice3D Reporter Viewer is a FREE plug-in for Microsoft Excel that enables you to view and interact with Excel documents that contain XVL and related data.

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