Electrical routing of cables and wires using Lattice3D studio.

Announcing Electrical Routing for XVL Studio

Accurate electrical routing (including wires, cables, harnesses and connectors) can easily be done in 3D and included with the mechanical representation from the CAD model. The complete product representation can then be leveraged into all of the various downstream processes required to bring a product to market, speeding time to market and reducing costs.

Create Wires and Cables

  • Accurately add wires and cables to the XVL model.
  • Wires and cables are shown in the Assembly Tree

Bundle Wires and Cables

  • Multiple wires and cables can be bundled


Connect Wires and Cables to Parts

  • Connections for cables and wire can be added to parts
  • When a part is moved - so will the attached wire or cable

Connect Wires to Parts.png

Accurate Routing and Measurement

  • Specify the minimum bend radius
  • Measure length of cables and wires

Routing and Measuring.png

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