XVL for Virtual Reality (VR) for Manufacturing

Virtual Reality (VR) for Manufacturing Companies

XVL VR (XVL Studio with the VR option) is for manufacturers of complex products. It enables stakeholders to step into the virtual world where they can interact and author content using complete designs at full-scale.

For the manufacturing company, there are many use cases where XVL VR can be used. Most common are design reviews and manufacturing planning, other use cases are outlined on this page below.

Watch this short video of a person exploring an entire vehicle, in full-scale, made possible by using XVL.

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Virtual Reality for Manufacturing Companies

Using XVL VR has unique advantages over other solutions because it is built on XVL (see below).

Built on the Power of XVL

Big Data

Other VR systems have difficulty handling large-scale 3D data, with hundreds or thousands of parts. Often other systems require the users to simplify (in other words "dumb down") 3D models in order to use them with VR or to segment the models. This is not the case with XVL VR because it built on XVL which is an ultralightweight, accurate 3D format (about 1% of the original 3D CAD file size). 

Heterogenous - CAD Agnostic

For many companies, multiple CAD systems are used to design a product. Each of these systems use a different propietary file format. Many other VR systems use open formats like STEP or IGES for importing CAD files, this can work but these open formats lose important detail.  With XVL, the XVL Studio user can combine all native CAD files (such as CATIA®, CREO®, NX® and SOLIDWORKS®) in order to create a single file for the complete virtual product. 

Efficient Workflow

There is no need to prepare data specifically for VR. The native XVL file being used for other purposes can be used with XVL VR. This is important because the user can instantly switch between authoring with the XVL Studio desktop app to viewing in XVL VR.

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Benefits of Using XVL VR

Compare these benefits of XVL VR to standard VR solutions:

  • Performance with Accuracy made possible with XVL's ultralightweight format
  • Complete Virtual Product can be examined not limited by size and heterogenous CAD formats
  • Point Cloud Models can be added to make the VR experience more real-world
  • Improved Efficiency and Safety of assembly workers by virtually modeling processes with tools
  • Single Environment for editing & viewing models in virtual reality
  • Virtual Sessions are Saved in the native XVL file for later review and collaboration

XVL VR  enables full-scale immersion with the accurate and complete virtual product

The virtual model is accurate for accomplishing real work.  In addition to the model, manufacturing aids and tooling can be added, even the shop floor or machinery can be digitized with a point cloud and added.

XVL VR enables full-scale digital mockup

This leads to better visualization in order to discover issues earlier and to find opportunities to streamline processes ultimately improving quality and decreasing time-to-market. 

Use Cases for Virtual Reality for the Manufacturing Company

  • Design Reviews
  • Manufacturing Planning and Validation
  • Service Planning and Validation
  • Training

For example, for planning work to be performed by a person, the following verifications can easily be performed.

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Main Functions of XVL VR

  • Walk Through
  • Move Parts
  • Hide Parts
  • Measure & Cross-section
  • Create VR Animations
  • 3D Interactive Session (can be saved)
  • Multi-person VR session
  • Dynamic Interference Check
  • Include Scanned Point Clouds for Machinery, Shop Floor, Tooling

Product Information

XVL VR is an option that can be added to either XVL Studio Standard or XVL Studio Pro

Compatible VR equipment: HTC Vive®, HTC Vive Pro®, HTC Vive Cosmos®, HTC Vive Cosmos Elite®.

For more information on, please see https://www.vive.com/us/ready/ . 

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