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In terms of communication, if a picture is worth a 1000 words, what is an interactive 3D model worth?

XVL Notebook is a freeform document creation application that enables simple and highly intuitive communications by combining 3D data, 2D images, parts lists, assembly structures, any other structured data, markup text, and graphics into a single document.

XVL Notebook 3D documents are, because of XVL, typically small enough to be emailed ... and, they are fully cross referenced for collaborative problem-solving, workflow and process planning, training, design review, and other communication exchanges with 3D designs or products.


XVL Notebook

Use XVL Notebook to freely create 3D images linked with parts lists, snapshots, annotations, and other uses for easier communications.

Key Benefits

  • Communicate in 3D. XVL Notebook enables the creation and use of lightweight 3D or 2D docu-ments for efficient and effective communication. Features include: Intelligent cross-referencing of XVL part data and graphical data high-lights selections simultaneously in the graphic and in the part list spreadsheets.
  • Fast, intuitive 3D Document creation and editing. Easily generate 3D documents via a new user interface, expanded toolbars, extensive import capabilities, and markup annotations created with text and graphics. Work directly on the 3D models, or extract 2D 'snap-shots' to easily explain and gain comprehension.
  • Document Export - push button ability to export to HTML, Micro-soft Office applications, Adobe PDF, and XVL, or create templates for automated publishing by the XVL Web Master application.
  • Full integration. Generate, amend, and publish 3D documents with any Lattice product.
  • Optional document security. With the XVL Signer application, 128 bit encryption and 3 levels of password protection are available.
Best Available Compression
Unmatched compression (typically 1/50 - 1/250, ~98%) with top resolution and high fidelity graphics
Achieves faster downloads and handles more sophisticated or complex 3D models.
Communicate in 3D
Enables highly intuitive 3D or 2D documents to be created and emailed quickly and efficiently.
Improves the effectiveness of a design review or problem discussion by simple, quick, and precise communication with a marked up 3D model.
Parts Lists
Click and drag to insert parts lists or assembly hierarchy lists that are automatically cross referenced to the 3D views.
Click to select an individual part in the parts list and it will automatically be highlighted in the 3D view and vice versa.
Document Import/Export
Import document data in TXT, CSV, DOC, XLS, PPT, XDW, and XBD formats. Import 2D Images in BMP, JPG, and PNG formats. Export by push button ability to publish to HTML or Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe PDF, HTML or XVL Notebook Documents, and XVL Web Master Templates.
Include almost any text or graphical data in the document - add anything that helps enable clarity and quick communication.
Markup Text and Graphics
Add text and/or graphics to 3D documents - text, lines, circles, squares, and arrows, and control all aspects of their appearance.
'Markups' or 'redlining' make XVL Notebook an effective collaboration as well as communication tool.
3D Document Creation and Editing
Use a new user interface, expanded toolbars, and annotation created with text and graphics.
Easily generate or edit and send back 3D documents incorporating parts lists and assembly tables.
Create XVL Web Master Templates
Design and build new templates for automated publishing via XVL Web Master.
XVL Notebook can be used to create custom templates for web pages.
Optional Document Security
With the XVL Signer application 128 bit encryption and 3 levels of password protection are available.
Optionally send or receive and decrypt password protected XVL files.
Full Integration
Generate, amend and publish 3D documents produced with any Lattice products.
All functions, such as inserting 3D data or creating 3D web pages and custom publisher templates, are available to use as needed.
System Requirements: Windows 2000 with SP2 or later, Windows XP. Recommended: Pentium III or higher, 512MB RAM, 100MB hard disk space. MS Office export requires MS Office XP or later. PDF requires Adobe Writer 6.0 or later.
XVLŪ (eXtensible Virtual world description Language), an XML-based, neutral format used for compression, conversion, and integration of 3D data.



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