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XVL Image Courtesy of the Toyota Motor Corporation


Work Instructions: Watch this Multi-Step Work Instruction for Assembling a 3D Printed Toy Car


3D Assembly Instructions Sample - Flat 3D Print 3D Assembly Instructions Sample

Click to play the assembly steps for this 3D printed model car.

If you are attending Automate 2023 this week, stop by our booth to get a 3D print to assemble yourself.

Our solutions for digital transformation in manufacturing span both automated and non-automated processes.

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New Capabilities to Virtually Plan & Simulate Assembly Processes

New XVL Studio updates increase capabilities for Manufacturing Engineers. Enhancements provide more capabilities for manufacturers who need to plan and simulate complex assembly processes.

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3D as a Platform for Digital Transformation

3D as a Platform for Digital Transformation

By adopting lightweight 3D as the backbone of their data pipeline, manufacturing companies worldwide are transforming their businesses.

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