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Enterprise solutions for model-based process planning, validation and technical communications for manufacturing companies.

XVL Image Courtesy of the Toyota Motor Corporation

The XVL Solution


Convert 3D CAD to XVL

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Such as Traditional Illustrated Work Instructions or Interactive 3D Work Instructions

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To industry standard formats such as Microsoft® Excel®, HTML or 3D PDF and to computers and tablets like the Apple® iPad®

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Why XVL?

100 to 1 FILE SIZE REDUCTION – Gigs to Megs

Allowing Gigabyte Size CAD Models in a Single File

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New Product 

XVL Web3D Manager  is for sharing 3D data to any stakeholder using only a modern web browser that supports HTML 5. XVL Web3D Manager controls user authentication and access rights. XVL Web3D Manager delivers a high-performance user experience, even when viewing extremely large models with thousands of parts.

XVL Web3D Manager for Viewing Gigabyte-size CAD Models

XVL Customer Story 

Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery 

had two objectives for using XVL in production process planning. 1)  “Front-load” the manufacturing process design to find and resolve issues as early as possible and 2) To reduce the time to generate assembly process instructions by automating as much of the process as possible. 

Mitsubishi shortens production planning process by 30%

XVL Customer Story

Tier-One Auto Supplier to Toyota Motor Corp. Streamlines Processes Using XVL. Read now.
Diagram of system that delivers lightweight 3D XVL data offices, factories, and trusted suppliers.

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