Design Management

Responsible for ensuring that products are designed and developed in a way that meets the needs and expectations of the target market while also being efficient to produce. 

Vision: Design Management & Digital Transformation 

The possibilities for the design department to use Digital Transformation to create a more streamlined, efficient, and effective design process that results in better-designed products meeting customer needs while also reducing costs and time-to-market.

Digital Transformation - hexagons.jpegWorking as One - Many design departments have designers that are in multiple locations, maybe different continents, maybe speaking different languages, maybe using various 3D CAD systems. Digital Transformation enables all stakeholders to work from a common representation. 

Design Review - What stakeholders should be engaged for design reviews?  What about your supply chain?  Or even customers? Digital Transformation can bring these people together.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality - The implications of these technologies are far-reaching, from design to service to customers. Digital Transformation is the foundation for using these technologies.

Role of XVL for Digital Transformation for the Design Department 

Digital Transformation with XVL aid all of the above and more. 

With XVL, all CAD files can be combined into a single lightweight yet accurate model: all parts, all assemblies, and all metadata from the underlying CAD system. 

With version control, any stakeholder is assured access to a complete and accurate product, not just subsets or assemblies.  

This model data can be viewed as a complete product and explored in VR or AR without data conversion because the data is already lightweight. 

Management Roles for Digital Transformation

Executive Leadership

Design Management (this page)

Manufacturing Management

Service Management

Here are just some of the Digital Transformation initiatives that can be powered by XVL.


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