XVL Reducer

Product Overview

XVL Reducer is a command-line application that reduces the size of 3D XVL files by removing unnecessary elements and simplifying geometrical data. XVL is already a compact 3D representation, but reduced XVL files are even easier to manage and use.

Key Features and Benefits

Remove Data from XVL

XVL reducer removes unnecessary data from XVL files, such as unused metadata, geometries, layers, materials and textures.  It also removes invisible and hidden elements. The resulting XVL file has the same functionality, but in a smaller package.

Simplify Geometrical XVL Data

XVL Reducer can simplify geometrical data. This process involves reducing the overall surface accuracy of the XVL data while still maintaining the necessary level of detail for the intended application. This makes the file more manageable and easier to use and with the simplified geometrical data, it can also help protect proprietary data by reducing the amount of detail shown in the model. 

Product Options

The following options are available for XVL Reducer.

XVL Reducer Options Description
Extended Culling Option

The Extended Culling Option is a powerful tool for optimizing XVL models, particularly those with large file sizes. This option allows users to maintain only visible geometries from specific cameras and delete all others. This results in a significant reduction in file size and improved performance when processing large XVL models.

It is important to note that the Extended Culling Option is primarily used to create technical illustrations for pre-defined cameras. This feature eliminates any unnecessary data from the model, ensuring that only the relevant and visible geometries remain.

Random Scaling Option The Random Scaling Option is a feature that can be utilized when converting 3D CAD data to polygon models. This option randomly changes the scale of 3D parts within the data, making it more difficult for the data to be reverse-engineered. Changing the scale in this way keeps the data functional and visually accurate, while also protecting proprietary information from being copied or replicated. This can be especially valuable for companies dealing with sensitive information, as it ensures that their intellectual property remains protected while still allowing for efficient and effective use of the data. Overall, the Random Scaling Option is a useful tool for safeguarding proprietary data within XVL files.

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