XVL Technical Illustration Suite

Product Overview

The XVL Technical Illustration Suite is a special configuration of XVL Studio that provides everything you need to create technical illustrations from 3D CAD models. It includes:

  • XVL Studio Basic
  • XVL Studio Illustration Option
  • XVL Studio Multi-CAD Direct Import Option

XVL Technical Illustration Suite reads 3D models in all major CAD and interchange formats. Its authoring tools enable you to easily create exploded part views and add notes, callouts, numbers, or parts lists. Export authored content in a variety of formats including raster, vector, and interactive 3D.

Key Features and Benefits

Import All 3D CAD Data from a Variety of Supported Formats

With an extensive range of supported CAD formats, import your geometric data, part information, and BOMs into a single file to be used for referencing throughout the authoring process.


Easily Create Exploded Part Views

You can efficiently create exploded part views using a combination of automatic and manual manipulations. Save multiple illustration views within the same XVL file so that all your illustration work is kept together.

exploded view.png

Create 3D Parts Lists Using BOM Data

You can easily edit your BOM using the 3D CAD properties or meta data imported from an external source. Then, using the created BOM, you can automatically add item numbers and call them out to the associated 3D part.

Parts list.png

Export Illustrations as Vector Line Art or Raster Images

With a variety of exporting options, you can generate the type of document that aligns best with your specific needs.

image vs vector.png

Update Illustrations Automatically

Don't worry about the hassle of updating your illustrations or starting from scratch when new changes are made, simply adopt the changes into your current authored content with our convenient auto update tool and republish or keep working.


Use Cases

Technical Illustrations

Use 3D data to quickly and easily create accurate technical illustrations.

  Technical Illustrations >

Technical Documentation

Use the illustrations and parts lists to create a variety of technical documentation.

  Technical Documentation >

Product Configurations

This suite includes the following tools:

  • XVL Studio Basic
  • XVL Studio Illustration Option
  • XVL Studio Multi-CAD Direct Import Option.
Key Features XVL Technical Illustration Suite
View and navigate 3D data
Change part visibility
Change 3D display settings
Edit cameras, snapshots
Edit materials, textures and lights
Measure dimensions
Cut cross-sections
Edit notes
Move parts
Check dynamic collisions
Import multiple 3D CAD formats
Automatically detect and apply updates
Edit trace lines
Use disassembly tree
Automatically assign item numbers
Automatically create callouts for parts
Automatically create exploded view
Edit parts list
Export illustration files

System Requirements

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