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The power of Digital Transformation doesn't end when your product is shipped, the potential impact extends to your service people and even end-user customers

Vision with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can have a dramatic impact on service organizations, allowing them to achieve increased efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery, and provide superior customer experiences. 

Digital Transformation with arrow.jpegService Procedures - Imagine a guided service procedure using AR. Your technician needs to replace a starter; they open the hood and are guided step-by-step through the process from start to finish, including the tools to be used. 

Parts Ordering - Digital Transformation can simplify ordering replacement parts for your internal team, service partners or customers while decreasing labor costs and improving the process. 


Role of XVL in Digital Transformation for the Enterprise

Data lies at the core of Digital Transformation, particularly for manufacturing companies, where the journey starts with your product design data (3D CAD and all associated data). 

For 3D CAD, these files can be enormous, and in different formats, and there can be hundreds or even thousands for a product. This poses numerous challenges in the context of Digital Transformation. 

In addition, accessing this 3D CAD data requires costly licenses and expertise to use them. Consequently, they are essentially isolated from the organization. 

What sets XVL apart is its ability to amalgamate all of these files into a unified data model while preserving accuracy and metadata. And a key feature of XVL is that the resulting file is ultra-lightweight, enabling the required performance for working with the entire product for any stakeholder. 

Other Management Roles for Digital Transformation

Executive Leadership

Design Management

Manufacturing Management

Service Management (this page)

Here are just some of the Digital Transformation initiatives that can be powered by XVL.


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