Electronic Spare Parts Catalogs and Service Portals

Extend the use of your 3D models into service and support. For example, electronic spare parts catalogs and service portals benefit the following stakeholders:

  • Customer service personnel
  • End-user customers
  • Field service technicians
  • Service partners

These solutions may contain information integrated from multiple sources such your MCAD and ECAD solutions as well as from your data repositories such as your ERP, PDM or PLM systems.

Spare Parts Catalogs

At Lattice Technology, one of our goals is to enable our customers to provide solutions to their stakeholders to identify the right part to order – the first time.

The reasons companies chose XVL for producing their spare parts catalogs include:

  • Productivity – time savings to produce and maintain catalogs
  • Advanced capabilities – such as interactivity and integration with multiple data sources
  • Deployment options – such as CD-ROM, interactive and printed paper

Service Portals

In addition to providing an interactive, graphical-based parts catalog, you can also provide all of your service procedures as interactive work instructions with these advantages:

  • Clarity and ease-of-use: Only the current step is presented, while direct access to all steps are available. Animations may also be included.
  • Interactive model viewing: For each step, the model can be re-positioned for optimal viewing and understanding of the step, while annotations remain visible.
  • Simplified maintenance: When engineering changes occur or procedures are revised, updates to work instructions previously deployed can be done faster.

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