Lattice3D Reporter Series

Product Overview

Lattice3D Reporter is a plug-in for Microsoft Excel that enables you to embed 3D XVL models into Excel worksheets. It also allows you to create images, lists, trees, and other worksheet elements and link them to the 3D model. With Lattice3D Reporter you can create rich, interactive 2D and 3D documents directly from your 3D CAD data.


Key Features and Benefits

Embed 3D Models in Technical Documents

Lattice3D Reporter enables you to embed 3D models in Excel worksheets. You can manipulate the 3D model directly in the worksheet without the need for an additional viewer.


Create Images and Lists from 3D Models

Lattice3D Reporter enables you to create images, lists and other elements on the worksheet directly from the embedded 3D data. You can also add EBOMs, MBOMS, process lists and more to the worksheet.

Maintain Linkage Between 3D, Images and Lists

Embedded objects such as 3D models, BOMs, and images are interlinked. This allows for the creation of interactive 3D technical documentation.


Manage Everything in One Excel Workbook

Because XVL is lightweight, it is possible to save all the 3D technical documentation in a single Excel workbook. This makes it easy to manage and share 3D technical documents.  

View 3D Documents for FREE

All interactive 3D documents can be viewed for FREE using Lattice3D Reporter Viewer.

Automatically Create Documents Using Templates

The Lattice3D Reporter Template Option can be used to create technical documents such as bills of materials, design issue reports and work instructions without manual input.


Automate Document Creation with Batch Processing

Lattice3D Reporter Publisher enables you to create interactive 3D Excel documents from the command line. This allows you to automate the creation of technical documentation.


Use Cases

3D Drawings

Automatically generate technical documents from 3D drawings to reduce workload and increase accuracy.

  3D Drawings >

Design/Manufacturing Review Reports

After reviewing a 3D model in XVL Studio, you can publish a design review report using Lattice3D Reporter. The report can embed the 3D model so engineers can easily review the details without having to open the 3D CAD file. It is also possible to create design review reports with only images.

  Design Review >
Assembly Process Validation >

3D/2D Work Instructions

Lattice Technology solutions enable you to easily author work instructions.  Lattice3D Reporter can publish them as interactive 3D work instructions or as 2D image-based work instructions.

  Work Instructions >

3D Bills of Materials

Lattice3D Reporter can publish your models as interactive 3D BOMs.  Maintaining the links between the 3D model and the metadata makes the BOMs richer and easier to use.

  Technical Documentation >

Interactive Demos

Download interactive Excel demo samples from here.

Product Configurations

Lattice3D Reporter Grades

Lattice3D Reporter

Enables users to manually create interactive 3D Excel documents.


Lattice3D Reporter Publisher

In addition to all the features of Lattice3D Reporter, Lattice3D Reporter Publisher can run Lattice3D Reporter from the command line and automate the creation of 3D Excel documents using templates.


Key Features Lattice3D Reporter Lattice3D Reporter
Manually embed 3D data into Excel worksheets
Manually create multiple types of lists from embedded 3D data
Manually create snapshot images from embedded 3D data
Cross-link 3D, images and lists
Access all 3D viewer functions
Automatically create 3D Excel documents from template files.   ✓ *
Create 3D Excel documents from the command line.  

* Requires Template Option.

Product Options

The following options are available for Lattice3D Reporter Series.

Product Option Key Features

Template Option*

Automatically create 3D Excel documents from template files.

* Template Option is included in Lattice3D Reporter Publisher.


System Requirements

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