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XVL Enables You to Repurpose Your 3D CAD Files

Combine all CAD files for a product into a SINGLE XVL File — Then do amazing things with it. Meet John, a VP of Manufacturing. His boss wants him to improve assembly operations, but John doesn't know how. Watch how John tackles the challenge in this short video.


Lattice3D Reporter

Lattice3D Reporter Overview
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3D PDF Publishing
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Using Lattice3D Reporter Webinar
(15:00 - with audio)

Various Topics for the Manufacturing Enterprise

6 Solutions for Digital Manufacturing

Understand the mission of Lattice Technology's Digital Manufacturing solutions.

Design Review Demonstration

View and understand how rapid, flexible, accurate and easy Design Review processes are with XVL Studio.

Manufacturing Process Instructions

Understand how easily digital Manufacturing Process Instructions can be created, and shared digitally via Excel Spreadsheet and HTML.

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