Introductory Explainer Videos

Get a Quick Overview of XVL

Watch all 3 to learn how XVL benefits the manufacturing company by leveraging 3D CAD data.

If you have never heard of XVL, this is a great place to start. Take 10 minutes to get acquainted. 

Share these videos with co-workers to introduce them to XVL, including your management.

Video #1: Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Company and How XVL Can Help

XVL Extends the Use of Your 3D CAD

(3 Minutes)

Create a Virtual Product Model from your 3D CAD using XVL:

Combine | Multiple CAD formats into a single XVL file
Ultralightweight | Use on basic computers, even tablets
Single-Source-of-Truth | Manufacturing planning & tech pubs
FREE Access | Easily enable any stakeholder, many options

Video #2: Enable the Digital Enterprise

3-Steps to Use | CAD to Sharable 3D Documents

(4 mins)

XVL enables a company to extend the use of their 3D CAD to functions downstream from development.

This video provides an overview of the 3-step process for using XVL:

- Convert | All Major CAD Formats Supported
- Author | Work Instructions, Manage BOMs, & Tech Communications
- Publish | Share for FREE using Excel, & Windows App

Video #3: Share Interactive of 3D Models using Microsoft Excel

Easily Enable Stakeholders Who Need 3D Data

(4 Minutes)

John's Problem: Sharing of 2D drawings hurts productivity and quality. 

Solution: Easily and effectivity share 3D...but how?

Watch this video to see how easy is it is to embed interactive 3D documents into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, including:

- Assembly Work Instructions
- Service Instructions
- Bills of Materials
- Technical Illustrations (2D)
- Electronic Spare Parts Catalogs