XVL Signer

Product Overview

XVL Signer is a security tool that signs, locks and encrypts XVL files to prevent unauthorized access. It enables you to sign and set access permissions on XVL files, so that you can distribute them without worrying about leakage of sensitive information.  Protected data can be referenced by Lattice Technology tools such as XVL Player, XVL Studio Series, and Lattice 3D Reporter, eliminating the need for a special plug-in.

Key Features and Benefits

Add Signatures and Copyright Information

Embed customizable copyright or signature text within your XVL data and add other information such as file creation or expiration dates. This allows you to add more file specific data to each model to keep track of who authored it and when it was last edited.


Add File Protection

XVL Signer protection is based on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and approved by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). This enables users to protect their proprietary data with standard or customized passwords for each XVL file.

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Include Creation and Expiration Dates

With the extra capability to include dates, you have the choice to add the creation date of an XVL file or even set an expiration date if you plan to share sensitive data or information that tends to change often. 

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Command-line Integration for Terminal Execution and Automation

Take advantage of the available command line prompts to automate file protection through existing ERP or MES.  

Product Options

Public Key Cryptography

Encrypt and decrypt XVL files with 1024-bit RSA public key cryptography to add more security. Encrypted XVL files can only be opened when the user has accessibility to the private key server. This option gives you ultimate control over the data.

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Access Limit

Create user groups and assign the following access levels.

Level of Access Available Actions

Read / Write

Authoring and editing 3D data XVL Studio, processing and publishing 3D data with other tools.


Measuring and cross-sectioning 3D data in XVL Player and Lattice3D Reporter.

Read Only

Viewing 3D data in XVL Player and Lattice3D Reporter.


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System Requirements

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