XVL Player SDK

Product Overview

XVL Player SDK enables you to customize XVL Player to suit your application. Bring together commonly used features to simplify navigation and promote the use and adoption of 3D data. You can develop your own XVL viewer in HTML, Microsoft Office, and Visual Basic.

Key Features and Benefits

Embed An XVL Viewer in Your Custom Application

Use XVL Player SDK API to integrate the 3D viewer into your own custom application. This allows you to view models directly from your own program without needing to open separate windows. You can even add more details that the standard viewer does not show such as the MBOM or Process Tree.

Add XVL Functionality to Microsoft Office Products

Use VBA coding to integrate the XVL Player into other office programs such as Powerpoint so you can display interactive 3D models during a Powerpoint Presentation.


System Requirements

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