Design Review

Perform engineering design reviews on your entire 3D model.  Automatically detect design issues.  Easily include others to bring in outside perspectives. Find and fix issues early to improve quality, reduce costs and shorten time-to-market.

Common Challenges

  • Design review solutions often cannot handle large models due to software and hardware limitations.
  • Design reviews usually require expensive software and high-end hardware.
  • Design review solutions can miss issues, which become more expensive to fix later.

Design Review Overview

Design reviews can be slow and difficult. Performing a design review often requires expensive CAD license and high-end workstation, which limits who can participate in them. Even high-end systems cannot handle large models. Instead, only small sections of the model can be reviewed at a time. These limitations make it easy to miss issues, which become more expensive to fix when they are discovered later in the process.

Lattice Technology's design review solution avoids these problems. It starts by converting heavy 3D CAD models into lightweight XVL. It can handle very large models, including complete automobiles, so you can review the entire model all at once. It runs on standard computers, making it easy to host design reviews with others who don't have access to high-end workstations. Finally, static interference checks and other tools can automatically scan the entire model for issues. Lattice Technology's design review solution makes it easy to find and fix issues before the design is released.


Key Benefits of the Lattice Technology Solution

Review the Entire Product All at Once

With Lattice Technology you can review the entire model at once -- even if it is a complete automobile. No need to break the model into subassemblies to review, and no missing issues from incomplete reviews.


Perform Cost Effective Reviews Using 3D Models

Lattice Technology's software runs on standard computers -- even laptops. No need for high-end hardware or expensive CAD licenses - you can perform design reviews anywhere. You can also bring people into the reviews who otherwise wouldn't have access.   


Design review with 2D / 3D cross section

Efficiently Detect More Issues Utilizing Automatic Interference Checks

Lattice Technology's design review solution includes automatic tools like static interference checks.  These tools can review the entire model and automatically detect hard-to-find issues between parts and assemblies. They can display the issues with color maps and cross-section views, making them easy to see, understand and fix. Then, when the model is updated you can run them again to make sure that the issues are fixed and no new issues have been introduced.


Additional Benefits of the Lattice Technology Solution

Check the Complete Model -- Even if it is Designed on Multiple Systems

With Lattice Technology, your design reviews are not limited to a single model or even a single 3D format. It's common for different components to be designed in different systems, or to be outsourced entirely. Lattice Technology's tools can import models from any source, in any format. You can build a complete model for your design reviews, and find issues between systems that would be impossible to find any other way.


Additional Tools

Lattice Technology's solution includes many other tools, such as cross sectioning, measurements, and dynamic collision detection, that you can use to review the design. All the review work can be saved with the model, so that you can share it with other stakeholders.



​​​Generate Issue Reports Directly from 3D Models

Lattice Technology offers the ability to directly generate issue reports with images or 3D models. Providing clear, easy-to-understand reports in 2D and 3D enhances collaboration and gives the designers the information they need to quickly understand and resolve design issues.


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