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Product Overview

Lattice Technology offers a variety of converters that convert your 3D data into ultra-lightweight XVL to meet your business needs. By converting 3D data into lightweight and accurate XVL, you can leverage your 3D assets in a variety of manufacturing process solutions, enabling 3D digitization of your product manufacturing lifecycle.


Key Features and Benefits

Compress 3D CAD Data to Ultra-lightweight XVL

XVL Converters can reduce the file size of 3D CAD data up to 1/100 of original size. This allows you to work with much larger assembly data without the need for expensive high-end workstations.


Support Industry Standard 3D CAD Formats

XVL Converters can convert industry standard 3D mechanical CADs including CATIA V5, Creo Parametric, NX and Solidworks.  In addition, they convert other interchange file formats such as JT and STEP. 


Maintain Design Accuracy

You can specify the conversion tolerances according to your business needs. XVL's ability to maintain up to 0.001mm accuracy allows you to leverage 3D models in a wide range of solutions without relying on the original 3D CAD files.

Convert CAD Properties

XVL Converters not only convert geometries and E-BOM, but also convert CAD properties. This allows you to utilize CAD properties as metadata for various technical documents.

Convert CAD PMI

XVL Converters can also translate PMI, which communicates design intent. This enables XVL to be used for collaborative product development between engineering and manufacturing.

Automate Conversion Processes

Some XVL Converters can be executed remotely or as part of a batch process, enabling automation of the conversion process.



XVL Converter Plug-in

XVL Converter Plug-in allows you to export XVL directly from your CAD system. After opening a model in your CAD system, you can save it as XVL. A dedicated GUI lets you specify the conversion parameters.

XVL Converter Server

XVL Converter Server allows you to convert multiple CAD files into XVL. It provides a GUI that lets you specify files to be converted as well as the conversion settings. It also provides a command line API to integrate with other systems for fully automated conversions.

XVL Converter Advanced

XVL Converter Advanced is an advanced version of XVL Converter Server. It provides a capability to convert CAD PMI as “Semantic” PMI, which maintain the link between the PMI and the associated 3D shapes. Semantic PMI also includes manufacturing information and other metadata. This makes semantic PMI particularly useful in applications such as manufacturing reports.



Additional Converter Products from Lattice Technology

XVL Studio Direct Import Options

XVL Studio has several options that enable you to import 3D CAD files - no CAD license required. These options include:

For more information on these and other XVL Studio options, see XVL Studio Series.

XVL-3ds Max Converter

XVL-3ds Max Converter is a plug-in converter for Autodesk 3ds Max. It can import XVL data into 3ds Max and export 3ds Max data including animations to XVL.

Product Configurations

Key Features

Key Features

XVL Converter Plug-in

XVL Converter Server

XVL Converter Advanced

XVL Studio Direct Import 

Convert 3D Shapes and E-BOM
Convert CAD properties
Automate conversion process    
Convert semantic PMI      
Convert multiple CAD formats      
Convert without CAD license      

Supported Formats

CAD System / File Format

XVL Converter Plug-in

XVL Converter Server

XVL Converter Advanced

XVL Studio Direct Import

3DS (Polygon)    
3D XML      
Autodesk Inventor  
CATIA Graphics Representation (CGR)    
CATIA V4    
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling    
Creo Parametric  
DXF/DWG (Polygon)    
Industry Foundation Classes      
OBJ (Polygon)    
Solid Edge  
WRL (VRML2)    


Supported CAD Versions

System Requirements


Additional Converter Products


PTC - Our technology helps industrial companies to create value for themselves, their customers, and the world. Use XVL Converter Plug-in for Creo Elements/Direct to save your models as XVL.

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