Lattice3D Reporter SDK

Product Overview

Lattice3D Reporter SDK enables you to customize the appearance and behavior of Lattice3D Reporter. Make your own 3D content specifically designed for the task at hand.

Lattice3D Reporter SDK also enables Lattice3D Reporter Publisher users to create their own Microsoft Excel files using batch processing.

Key Features and Benefits

Utilize Standard Lattice3D Reporter Functionality

Lattice3D Reporter SDK gives you complete control over Lattice3D Reporter's appearance and behavior. Use it to add the power of 3D to your Excel documents. Add 3D-enabled elements such as BOMs, lists and snapshot images. Include cross-linking to connect elements and make documents fully interactive.

Generate Reports Based on Custom Templates

Use the publisher API to generate 3D content based on your custom templates.

Perform Batch Processing

Speed your processes using batch processing to automatically generate 3D content.


System Requirements

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