Work Instructions

Leverage your 3D models to quickly create accurate work instructions. Easily create 2D illustrations and 3D animations to make the instructions easy to follow. Automatically update the work instructions when the design changes.

Common Challenges

  • Authoring work instructions cannot typically commence until a physical prototype is developed.
  • Authoring work instructions with photos and text can be cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Updating work instructions when the design changes can be expensive.

Work Instructions Overview

Traditionally, creating work instructions requires you to wait for physical prototypes before capturing images of each process step and then going back into other software and manually inputting the images and text into your template for each document. Changes to the design require restarting this process and recreating each affected work instruction.

With Lattice Technology, you can create work instructions directly from the 3D model -- no need to wait for physical prototypes.  You can also easily generate 3D animations and 2D illustrations, making the instructions easy to follow. You can also automatically update the instructions when the design changes.



Key Benefits of the Lattice Technology Solution

Use 3D Data to Create Work Instructions Early 

With Lattice Technology you can start authoring work instruction when the 3D model is available -- no need to wait for physical prototypes. Starting earlier shortens the lead time to production, saving time and money. 

Convert 3D CAD data - author solutions - publish to Excel and others for sharing assembly work instructions

Easily Create Rich Visual Work Instructions to Reduce Production Errors 

Providing clear manufacturing instructions to production sites can be a challenge. Language and cultural barriers can make it difficult to convey subtle nuances of assembly processes, especially when relying on text alone.  

Sub Assembly Process.png


The Lattice Technology solution leverages the 3D data to make it easy to generate rich visual content including 3D animations and 2D illustrations that is easy to understand and navigate. You can add animation, photos and markups to each step of the manufacturing process to clarify the intent, and even include meta data found in the BOM where appropriate. 

Rich, visual instructions transcend language and cultural barriers and are easier to understand, reducing production errors and making them the ideal work instructions for overseas production sites.


Automatically Update Work Instructions to Reflect Design Changes

Once you create work instructions, there is no need to worry about design changes. Lattice Technology tools can seamlessly apply engineering design changes to the work instructions, keeping them up-to-date.


Additional Benefits of the Lattice Technology Solution

Service/Maintenance Work Instructions

Using the same authoring tools, you can easily create product disassembly instructions. This allows you to create not only assembly work instructions, but also service and maintenance instructions. 

Easily Include Other Types of Objects in Your Work Instructions

You can easily add external elements like tools, jigs and equipment to your work instructions, making them even easier to understand. You can also add human mannequins to the scenes and position them as required.

Tooling & Equipment.png

If your 3D model does not include wires and harnesses, you can create them and include them in the work instructions.

Include wiring and wire harnesses in your assembly work instructions.


Publish Work Instructions Automatically Using Templates​​​

Finally, you can easily publish work instructions in multiple formats using templates. You can create work instruction templates according to your business standards and requirements. The Lattice Technology solution automatically inserts 3D model, processes the work instructions, and publishes the final document for you, significantly reducing typical authoring time.

Software template for creating interactive 3D assembly instructions.

The Lattice Technology solution enables you to publish you work instructions in multiple formats for multiple platforms. Create online instructions in Web3D, publish electronic work instructions in 2D or 3D PDF or as Microsoft Excel workbooks, and even print them for offline use.

Solution Videos

Learn the basics of how to use Lattice Technology Studio to create 3D Work Instructions and the different methods of exporting.

Learn about advanced work instruction features including how part updates can be accounted for and exporting to excel templates.

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