XVL Technology

Unmatched Compression

The large size of CAD data presents a significant barrier to efficient collaboration and reuse of 3D data across the enterprise. XVL® is the most lightweight 3D format in the industry and is used by thousands of companies to enable rapid communication, production and collaboration by using 3D throughout the manufacturing supply chain.

XVL now enables data to be compressed to an average 0.5% of its original size with high accuracy - an industry-leading position that allows manufacturers to not have to compromise accuracy for 3D data size.

Unique Reuse of 3D Data

XVL applications including XVL Studio, Lattice3D Reporter and XVL Web Master allow for the highly compressed XVL 3D data to be reviewed, checked, annotated, simulated, animated and used for creating illustrations. XVL also supports 3D data in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office applications and Adobe Acrobat's PDF.

Long-standing Legacy of XVL

Introduced to the industry in 1997, XVL delivers a lengthy and award-winning history of highly accurate 3D compression. This patented format is used by thousands of manufacturers worldwide for integrating usable 3D into their lean manufacturing processes. Across the years, XVL has been further developed to deliver greater 3D compression with that same high accuracy. Lattice Technology's latest release, XVL v10, is a leap forward in lightweight 3D formats by offering compression of up to 0.5% of original CAD data size.

Neutral Support for All Major CAD formats

XVL applications are accompanied by a range of 3D CAD data converters that handle all major 3D CAD formats including:

  • CATIA (V4/V5)
  • I-deas NX
  • NX
  • Solid Edge
  • SolidWorks
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • CoCreate (PTC)
  • Pro/ENGINEER - CREO - CREO Elements Direct
  • Mechanical Desktop
  • PDF
  • ParaSolid
  • IGES
  • STEP
  • JT
  • DXF

XVL operates accurately as a neutral format in which 3D CAD data from multiple sources and platforms can be easily combined, and then reused, simulated, reviewed and animated. As Lattice Technology is privately-owned, it focuses on serving the needs of manufacturers without bias towards any one CAD platform or system.

XVL Integrates with Existing Manufacturing IT Infrastructures

XVL System Toolkit enables the rapid integration of 3D data into existing ERP, MES, PLM and PDM systems, enabling fast combination of data held within these disparate sources, and automated updates should activities occur such as Engineering Change Orders, etc.

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