Executive Leadership 

Digital Transformation in manufacturing requires a team effort, with various roles working together to identify opportunities, implement innovative technologies, and optimize processes. 


To achieve maximum effectiveness, Digital Transformation requires leadership from the C-Suite. While traditional positions such as CIO or COO can spearhead the effort, new roles like Chief Digital Officer are emerging to fulfill this purpose. Additionally, certain companies are appointing data specialists to the C-Suite, employing titles such as Data Scientists.

Vision with Digital Transformation 

The vision for Digital Transformation for a manufacturing company is to leverage technology and data to enhance operational efficiency, optimize processes, and drive innovation across the entire value chain. This transformation involves integrating digital technologies into various aspects of manufacturing, including product design, production planning, supply chain management, and customer engagement.

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Role of XVL in Digital Transformation for the Enterprise 

Data lies at the core of Digital Transformation, particularly for manufacturing companies, where the journey starts with your product design data (3D CAD and all associated data). 

For 3D CAD, these files can be enormous, and in different formats, and there can be hundreds or even thousands for a product. This poses numerous challenges in the context of Digital Transformation. 

In addition, accessing this 3D CAD data requires costly licenses and expertise to use them. Consequently, they are essentially isolated from the organization. 

What sets XVL apart is its ability to amalgamate all of these files into a unified data model while preserving accuracy and metadata. And a key feature of XVL is that the resulting file is ultra-lightweight, enabling the required performance for working with the entire product for any stakeholder. 

Other Management Roles for Digital Transformation

Executive Leadership (this page)

Design Management

Manufacturing Management

Service Management

Here are just some of the Digital Transformation initiatives that can be powered by XVL.



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