XVL Integration Tools

Product Overview

XVL integration tools enable manufacturers to empower stakeholders throughout the organization with accurate, lightweight 3D models and related data. These command-line applications enable the rapid, automated processing of 3D XVL models and associated data. These tools can add the power of XVL to existing business systems such as PLM, PDM, ERP and MES.  Where such systems are not available, these tools can be used independently to create solutions and optimize processes.  

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  • XVL BOM Assembler - provides the ability to assemble and disassemble XVL files according to XML recipes.
  • XVL Filter - provides XVL file management and optimization, creation of assembly work instructions, and encryption. 
  • XVL Processor - integrates metadata into XVL files and provides interference and clearance reports.
  • XVL Reducer - reduces the size and increases the security of XVL files by removing specific parts, removing hidden elements, compressing geometrical representations, and more.
  • XVL Player SDK - controls the appearance and behavior of XVL Player, enabling you to create Windows viewers for 3D XVL data.
  • Lattice3D Reporter SDK - controls the appearance and behavior of Lattice3D Reporter, enabling you to embed 3D XVL data in Microsoft Excel workbooks.

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