XVL Content Manager

Product Overview

XVL Content Manager is a complete solution for creating and managing 3D content. It provides fast and easy access to complete 3D product data and related information for all stakeholders.  It securely stores the 3D content and guarantees that only authorized users have access.  When the underlying 3D data changes, advanced auto-update capabilities keep the content updated so that clients always get the latest data.  XVL Content Manager supports flexible content creation workflows, enabling teams to work together or independently according to their specific needs.  XVL Content Manager can integrate with existing business systems such as PLM, ERP and MES, extending the value and benefits of those systems.  XVL Content Manager can also run as an independent, standalone solution.  Either way, XVL Content Manager can be the foundation of your 3D digital transformation.

Key Features and Benefits

Secure Data Vaulting and Version Control

XVL Content Manager provides secure vaulting and version control for 3D models, product data and related documentation. These features ensure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information, and provides a single source of truth for downstream users.  Additionally, users are able to access previous versions if needed, providing an added layer of protection against errors or data loss.

Advanced Auto-Update

XVL Content Manager includes an advanced auto-update feature. In many cases it can automatically update related content when the data changes, saving time and effort.  It can also stakeholders notify when source data changes, enabling them to take appropriate action to ensure that content remains up-to-date. This streamlines the revision process and maintains the accuracy of XVL as the single source of truth.



High Performance

XVL Content Manager uses lightweight XVL, which enables fast and efficient handling of even large amounts of data. This ensures that teams can work quickly and efficiently, without being slowed down by cumbersome processes.

Seamless Interface

With XVL Content Manager, users can check in and check out files directly from XVL Studio. Administrators can also manage XVL Content Manager directly from XVL Studio, simplifying the administration process.  The in-application interface makes content management seamless and provides a smooth and efficient workflow.

Customizable Workflows

XVL Content Manager is highly flexible, enabling different departments and teams to work in different ways depending on their specific needs. The system offers customizable workflows, enabling users to create and manage content in a way that suits their individual requirements. Additionally, XVL Content Manager enables the division of labor, allowing dispersed teams to work together and parallelize tasks. This makes it easier for organizations to manage complex projects and collaborate more effectively.


Scalable Solution

XVL Content Manager is scalable and enables you to add more resources as required. This ensures that the system can grow with your organization, increasing data and user capacity over time.

System Independence

XVL Content Manager is independent of existing business systems such as CAD, PLM, ERP, and others. This means it can extend digital transformation efforts to areas beyond current systems, enabling collaboration with stakeholders throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, this independence protects current systems from downstream changes, maintaining the security of critical data.

System Integration

XVL Content Manager also offers toolkits for integrating with PDM, PLM, ERP, and CAD systems, with multi-CAD support. These toolkits streamline the integration of XVL Content Manager with existing systems, increasing efficiency and reducing administrative costs.


Product Configuration

System Diagram

System diagram.jpg

Product Components

XVL Content Manager includes the following components.

Component Description
XVL Foundation Server Provides file management, user data management, access control and task automation support.
XVL Content Manager Hub

Provides storage, version control and access control of XVL files and related content.

XVL Server Agent Handles Content Manager tasks such as registration of XVL data and publishing of related content. Additional XVL Server Agents can be added to increase performance. 

Product Options

The following options are available for XVL Content Manager.

Option Description
Agent Clustering Option

This adds another XVL Server Agent license to meet increasing job processing needs. 

*1 license is included in XVL Content Manager.

Synchronization Option

Allows for synchronizing data (all objects, attributes, groups, and users) between other sites.

Shape Reference Link Option Increases the performance of large models.
System Linkage Option Enables processing of XML-based metadata.
Full Text Search Option Enables XVL Contents Manager to search the full content of XVL and related files.
Variation Management Option Enables XVL Contents Manager to define and manage product variations.

Associated Middleware

The complete XVL Content Manager solution also uses the following middleware.

Component Description
Database The database stores and manages data from XVL Content Manager, including XVL files and related content.
(ex. MSSQL, Oracle)
HTTP Server The HTTP server processes HTTP requests to store, process, and deliver Web3D content over the World Wide Web.
(ex. Apache, IIS)
Application Server

The application server manages requests from client-side web browsers and communicates with the database to retrieve or store data as necessary.  It uses Java and runs on top of an Apache Tomcat web server.

(Apache Tomcat)

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Lattice Technology Server Product System Diagram

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Lattice Technology Server Product Comparison

Key Features XVL Web3D Manager XVL Content Manager
Core Features Manage XVL files (Store & Download).
Manage documents (Excel, PDF, etc.).
Version control.
Access control (Based on Role or User Account).
Single Sign-On (LDAP & SAML).
Audit logs.
Background job processing.
Simple search.
XVL Web3D Module Large model handling.  
Publishing interactive Web3D content.  
Component-based HTML templates.  
Making measurements.  
Playing process animation.  
XVL Studio Integration Module Full-text search.     ✓*1
External system integration (ERP, MES, etc.).     ✓*2
Direct XVL viewing and loading from XVL Studio.  
Design change control.  
Publishing interactive 3D Excel content.     ✓*3
  1. Requires XVL Content Manager Full-Text Search Option
  2. Requires XVL Content Manager Integration Option
  3. Requires XVL Content Manager Lattice3D Reporter Publisher

System Requirements

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