XVL BOM Assembler

Product Overview

XVL BOM Assembler is a command-line application that assembles and disassembles complex 3D XVL models from a bill of materials and individual part files. With XVL BOM Assembler you can easily build models with different configurations to meet different needs. You can also export BOM data from existing 3D models to integrate with other systems.

Key Features and Benefits

Automatically Create Complete 3D Models from a Bill of Materials

XVL BOM Assembler creates a complete 3D XVL model from a bill of materials and individual 3D XVL part files. It can also disassemble a 3D XVL model into a bill of materials and individual part files. Building assemblies by hand can be slow and error-prone. XVL BOM Assembler makes the process automatic and error-free. 

Easily Create Complex Assembly Models Using XVL

XVL BOM Assembler is an ideal solution for individuals or teams who need a system to configure and manage BOMs. You can author the bill of materials in XML and then use XVL BOM Assembler to automatically build the 3D model.

Or if you prefer, XVL Studio Series can serve as a visual BOM configuration tool. It enables you to easily build a complete assembly model, whether you're building a new product from scratch or optimizing an existing design. After creating the model, use XVL BOM Assembler to export the configured BOM data for archiving, or to integrate with other systems.

Product Options

The following options are available for XVL BOM Assembler.

XVL BOM Assembler Option Description
Process Option

Adds the ability to read and write assembly process data in XML. Import assembly process data into your 3D XVL models. Also, export assembly process data from your 3D XVL models for use in other systems.

System Requirements

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