XVL Studio PointCloud

Product Overview

XVL Studio PointCloud is an advanced grade of XVL Studio that is specifically designed handle point cloud data. It includes all of the features of XVL Studio Pro, and adds the ability to import, edit, manipulate, process, display and interact with large point clouds.

Point cloud data can be difficult to handle due to its large size. Typically, point clouds have no structure so analysis of the data cannot be done efficiently. To get around these issues, often point clouds are converted to surfaces. However, that is a slow and expensive process and the resulting surfaces only approximate the original point cloud data. XVL Studio PointCloud has the ability to handle large and complex point clouds by importing large point cloud data and integrating it with other 3D data without the need to convert to surfaces. The imported point clouds can be decomposed into individual 3D objects that you can manipulate and interact with just like other 3D elements in the model.

Key Features and Benefits

Integrate Point Cloud Data with 3D CAD Data

XVL can import large point cloud data and integrate it with 3D CAD data without the need to convert it to surfaces. This way you can efficiently plan facility upgrades by comparing existing layouts in the point cloud format with the new digital 3D model.

import process.png

Decompose and Regroup Point Clouds

Generally, scanned point clouds can only be used as one large cluster which can be difficult to use effectively. XVL Studio PointCloud includes tools to decompose point clouds into individual 3D objects that are easy to use.

decompose and regroup.png

Use Point Clouds as Regular 3D Objects

Decomposed point cloud objects are shown as additional components under the assembly tree which can be handled as a standard 3D object, allowing you to move, show/hide, add meta data, and animate as objects. This allows you to enjoy the rich Studio features with the additional elements decomposed from the imported point cloud data.

use as regular 3D objects.png

View Point Cloud Data in Other XVL Tools

Once point cloud data is saved as XVL, you can view the point cloud data in other XVL tools. This means that you can share the point cloud data as a regular XVL file with others on your team and they can view it through a variety of Lattice Technology software including the free viewers. 

view in other apps.png

Use Cases

Factory Planning with XVL Studio PointCloud

Utilize raw point cloud data instead of converting to surfaces or polygons. Applications include fast virtual verification that new equipment or fixtures will fit in existing facilities with adequate clearance. 
Use case 1.png

Product Configurations


Key Features XVL Studio PointCloud
View and navigate 3D data
Change part visibility
Change 3D display settings
Edit cameras, snapshots
Edit materials, textures and lights
Measure dimensions
Cut cross-sections
Edit notes
Move parts
Check dynamic collisions
Display multiple 3D windows
Snap parts
Display parts lists
Edit annotation views and markup
Edit Manufacturing BOM
Edit processes
Edit animations
Create work instructions
Automatically detect and apply updates
Use advanced cross-section tools
Use tools and equipment
Validate manufacturing processes
Detect and analyze static interferences
Import point cloud data
Decompose and regroup point clouds

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