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Learn the Benefits of XVL for the Manufacturing Company

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XVL Enables Companies to Work More Concurrently 

(10 Minutes)

Start manufacturing planning earlier. Changes in the CAD design are detected by XVL. The changes are presented to the manufacturing planners so they can be addressed.

XVL leverages your 3D CAD data including the eBOM - Don't recreate, Re-Use

(14 mins)

Don't wait for a physical prototype - use the #VirtualProductModel. XVL has a powerful authoring environment for creating interactive assembly work instructions.

Streamline the Design Review Process

(17 Minutes)

XVL enables the creation of a #VirtualProductModel - combining all 3D CAD files, even different formats.

XVL has two key capabilities that enable this: 1) XVL is typically about 1/100th the size of the original 3D CAD file size while maintaining CAD-level accuracy, 2) XVL is CAD agnostic supporting all major 3D CAD formats including open formats.

How to Engage Stakeholders & Improve Concurrency

(25 minutes)

Design Review - Assembly Validation - Manufacturing - Sales Service

Having a complete virtual product model that can be examined on a normally configured PC is the foundation. With XVL, all CAD files can be combined into a single 3D model file and still retain CAD-level accuracy.

Digital Assembly Validation

(19 minutes)

Using the digital prototype, perform a complete virtual validation.

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