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Challenges in Technical Document Creation

Cannot Start until Drawings and Mockups are Available

Technical illustrations are usually created based on drawings and photographs actual products. Therefore, illustration creation cannot start until drawings and products, or at least mockups, are available. As a result, illustration production starts late in the development process, resulting in heavy schedule pressure for the illustration department.  The late start also makes illustration creation a bottleneck for efforts to reduce development lead time.

Technical Illustration Requires Expertise

Creating technical illustrations from drawings and photographs requires specialized skills and expertise developed with years of experience.  And even for experts it can be a slow process.  This further increases the pressure on technical illustrators and risks schedule delays.

Illustration Quality can be Inconsistent

Illustration quality can vary between illustrators, resulting in inconsistency in the resulting illustrations.   It is important to maintain consistently high quality in technical documents, but such inconsistency cannot be completely eliminated when relying manual processes.

Creating Technical Illustrations and Documents is Expensive

Demand for technical illustrations and technical documents is increasing.  With the recent trend toward high-mix low-volume production, the number and types of technical documents keep increasing. In recent years, more and more companies are making products that differentiate themselves not only in product development and sales but also in the quality of after-sales service. In order to implement such a strategy, it is essential to produce high-quality service documents. Manual illustration and document production processes have high labor costs, and the costs are only increasing.

XVL Solves Problems with Technical Documents

Create Technical Illustrations from 3D Models

With XVL, you can create technical illustrations directly from 3D models.  There is no need for drawings or photographs, and no need to wait for physical products or prototypes.  So you can start early and eliminate the bottlenecks that accompany late-cycle technical document production.

Furthermore, the XVL models can include more than just geometry – they can include manufacturing and service BOM data, notes, dimensions, images and much more.  From illustrated parts lists to complete service manuals, XVL contains all the data you need to generate high-quality technical documentation.

Automatically Generate Technical Illustrations

XVL can automatically generate technical illustrations of parts and assemblies.  It can also generate assembled or exploded views with or without links to parts lists.  This automatic generation capability reduces the need for technical expertise in the manual production process.

Maintain Consistent Illustration Quality

Using 3D data to create technical illustrations can produce more consistent illustration quality than manual processes.  Whether you lay out each illustration by hand, or use the automatic tools to produce multiple illustrations, using XVL to generate your illustrations enables you to standardize the illustration output parameters and maintain consistent quality throughout the department.


Automatically Update Technical Illustrations to Reflect Design Changes

With XVL, it’s just as easy to update technical instructions as it is to create them in the first place.  Design changes are automatically reflected in the XVL model, and the new model can be used to generate new technical illustrations.

Reduce the Cost of Technical Illustrations and Documents

As demand for technical illustrations and technical documents increases, XVL is there for you.  XVL’s publishing tools enable you to generate the high-quality technical illustrations and documents you need, without breaking the bank.

Interactive 3D Illustrations

Bring your technical illustrations to life with fully interactive 3D. Illustrations with interactive models can be rotated, zoomed and explored.

These interactive documents can be delivered in many ways -- from a 3D PDF to a mobile device like an Apple iPad (see Consumption of Interactive 3D Illustrations below).

At Lattice Technology, we see the field of technical documentation evolving. Your products are 3D, so why shouldn't you document them in 3D?

3D Technical Illustration Types

Isometric and exploded views with annotations are all possible - the difference is that they can be interactive and even animated.

Interactivity gives tremendous power to the technical illustrator to create clear and unambiguous interactive illustrations.

Consumption of Interactive 3D Illustrations

At Lattice Technology, all of the applications for consuming interactive 3D technical documentation are available for FREE.

For example, for your customers or internal service personnel, you could make any of the following available for assembly, service or parts ordering.

All are free and interactive.

XVL Product Configuration for Technical Documentation

XVL Studio Series

  XVL Technical Illustration Suite XVL Work Instruction Suite
Create technical illustrations using 3D data
Automatically publish technical illustrations
Maintain consistent illustration quality
Reduce cost of technical illustrations and documents
Automatically update technical illustrations
Create technical illustrations for work instructions  

Lattice3D Reporter

Automatically publish technical illustrations  
Automatically update technical illustrations  
Create technical illustrations for work instructions  

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