XVL Web3D Manager

XVL Web3D Manager is a leading solution for fast and secure viewing of an entire product, even those with thousands of parts, using any modern web browser.

Four interactive XVL Web3D demos are available for you to try — details at the bottom of this page.

Reduce the Need for 2D Drawings

Entire 3D Models and Data for All Stakeholders

Your designs are in 3D, save time and reduce ambiguity by delivering accurate, interactive and annotated 3D assemblies. Engage stakeholders and reduce the need for creating 2D drawings, it is FREE to view. Here are just some of the use cases.

  • Design Reviews: Enable stakeholders to quickly and easily participate
  • Procurement: Access to complete product model information and metadata
  • Shop Floor Assembly Instructions: Access to interactive assembly work instructions
  • Parts List: Create an intuitive, interactive system for part identification
  • Service Instructions: Access to interactive service instructions

Browser-based Viewing of Complete 3D Product Data

Access the Complete 3D Model using Any Modern Web Browser

XVL Web3D Manager enables access (with security) to the entire virtual product, regardless of the original CAD system or how large it is.

  • Large Data Handling: For complete product models (gigabyte sized)
  • Drill Down: Browse and search the complete product structure, including all subassemblies and parts, for fast identification and understanding
  • Multi-CAD: Multiple CAD models and formats can be combined
  • Industry Standard: Stakeholders access using a modern browser without plug-ins
  • FREE for Consumers: Like all of the XVL viewing options

Right Data to the Right Person: Fast & Secure

Streaming Architecture Enables Security and Fast Performance

XVL Web3D Manager is a server that delivers 3D CAD and metadata to any modern web browser. Features include:

  • Data Streaming: Provides fast performance for even the largest of models
  • User Authentication: Single Sign-On (SSO using SAML) is supported for security and a seamless authentication process
  • Authorization: Data access is controlled by the Administrator by role or individual user
  • Access logs: All user activity is logged and the Administrator has access to all requests for individual files that each user has accessed

See XVL Web3D Manager in Action

Interactive Demos

Explore our demo models using your computer, laptop, or even a tablet. Nothing to install, just use a modern web browser that supports HMTL 5.


  • Interactive 3D Geometry with Part Isolation: The complete product model is available for exploring
  • Part Browser: For viewing part metadata and geometry
  • Everything is linked: Geometry, mBOM, Part Browser

Stream one of our examples below to see XVL Web3D Manager in action with your web browser. Nothing to download.

Use ANY Modern Browser that Supports HTML 5 - Nothing to Install.

Four different, live, interactive demos are available.

Each demo uses a different template for customizing the functionality for different users.

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