XVL Web3D Manager

Product Overview

XVL Web3D Manager is a complete solution for publishing and delivering rich, interactive Web3D content.  Optimized to handle large 3D models, XVL Web3D Manager offers fast and secure viewing of model-based content using any modern web browser -- no download required. It enables highly responsive 3D viewing with built-in authentication and authorization, ensuring that the correct content is delivered to the right individual, providing an efficient and secure user experience.

Key Features and Benefits

Universal Viewing Access

With XVL Web3D Manager, users are granted access to view and/or manage content, regardless of their location, device, or platform. XVL Web3D Manager publishes interactive 3D content that can be viewed directly in the user's browser -- no download required.  Even better, viewing published content is free -- no license or subscription required. That means that no matter where they are or what device they're using, your users can easily view rich interactive 3D content on the web.

Web3D Manager.png

Web-Based Interactive 3D Content Delivery

Delivering rich, interactive 3D content over the web is essential for creating immersive and engaging experiences. This technology allows users to experience high-quality graphics and seamless interactivity directly in their browsers.  Content can be delivered in a single model, or as nested models that enable the user to drill down and get more detail. This flexibility enables you to build innovative and immersive experiences that resonate with users. 

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Effective Management of Complex Models

Large model handling is essential for any company that deals with complex CAD data or models. XVL Web3D Manager leverages the power of XVL to handle large, complex models with ease, making it easier for you to use your models to create rich, compelling content.

Swift and Smooth Operational Speeds

XVL Web3D Manager is optimized to provide fast performance and smooth interaction with large models.  It includes smart loading, a feature that automatically prioritizes the most important elements of the content, resulting in faster load times and a better user experience. Also, XVL Web3D Manager is scalable, enabling you to add resources as required to meet increased job requests and user interactivity.  Maintaining smooth performance and a seamless experience enables users to perform tasks quickly, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Data Safety and Privacy

XVL Web3D Manager provides several security features to protect user data and ensure a safe and secure experience. It supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for a seamless authentication process using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). Administrators are given robust authorization controls and can restrict data access by role and by user.  All actions are tracked and logged, giving administrators detailed views of user activity and allowing them to quickly identify any issues and take appropriate action.

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Interactive Web3D Demos

Here are some examples of interactive Web3D content produced by XVL Web3D Manager.  You can view the examples in any web browser - NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED!

Explore the interactive Web3D examples using the links and instructions in the table below.  Each demo uses a different template to customize the display of the content, showing some of technical documentation XVL Web3D Manager can produce. 

Some of the Features Include:

  • 3D View: View and interact with the complete model.
  • Selection View: View and interact with the selected parts.
  • Part Table: For viewing part metadata and geometry.
  • Snapshot View: Browse and select interactive 3D snapshots.
  • Toolbars: For viewing and interacting with the various models
Interactive Demo Instructions

3D Drawing

Demo 1-numbered

  1. Select the first snapshot.
  2. Select one of the pistons in the 3D view.
    • Part is highlighted in the 3D view.
    • Part is displayed in the selection view (upper right).
  3. To measure the diameter of the piston:
    • Select the diameter tool.
    • Select the edge of the top of the piston (not the face).
    • A dimension will appear; drag this dimension to the desired location for readability.
  4. To cross-section:
    • Select the top button in the right column.
    • Select the type of cross-section you would like to perform.

3D Parts Catalog

Demo 2-numbered

  1. Sort the parts list by name, by clicking the arrow next to Name.
  2. Select “Rear_SUS” (the rear sub-assembly).
  3. Notice the sub-assembly is now displayed in the selection view.
  4. Select “Display Child Parts” to see all of the parts in the sub-assembly.
    • Select a part on the model; the part will be highlighted in the parts list and shown in the selection view.
  5. Drill down into any part of the demo you like. If you get lost, just click the Home button to get back to the start.

3D Parts List

Demo 3-numbered

  1. Sort the Part Table by Part Number (ascending).
  2. Select the Bottom Case [LTC-001].  The part is:
    • Highlighted on 3D model.
    • Displayed in the selection view.
    • Highlighted in the structured BOM.
  3. In the 3D window, select the top case and notice the same.
  4. The snapshots are preconfigured to show specific views. Select the second snapshot (Clutch) and see how the document changes.

Animated 3D Work Instructions

Demo 4-numbered

  1. Click the Home button to reset the view.  You can use this same button to return to the start after exploring.
  2. Select Process #1.
  3. Select Play to see the animation.

Car Model Assembly

  1. Select Play to see the animation.
  2. Pause as needed to follow along.

Product Configuration

XVL Web3D Manager System Diagram

System architecture v3.jpg

Product Components

XVL Web3D Manager includes the following components.

Component Description
XVL Foundation Server

Provides file management, user data management, access control and task automation support.

XVL Web3D Hub

Provides Web3D content management, distribution, and cross-platform 3D viewing.

XVL Server Agent

Handles Web3D Manager tasks such as registering XVL data and publishing Web3D content. Additional XVL Server Agents can be added to increase performance. 

XVL Web3D Dispatcher

Handles client interactions such as cross-sectioning and measurement. Additional XVL Web3D Dispatcher instances can be added to increase performance.

Product Options

The following options are available for XVL Web3D Manager.

Option Description
Agent Clustering Option

The Agent Clustering Option adds another XVL Server Agent license to meet increasing job processing needs. 

*1 license is included with XVL Web3D Manager.

Shape Processing Clustering Option

The Shape Processing Clustering Option adds another XVL Web3D Dispatcher license to meet increased demands for user interactivity.

*1 license is included with XVL Web3D Manager.

Synchronization Option

The Synchronization Option allows for synchronizing data (all objects, attributes, groups, and users) with XVL Web3D Manager installations in other locations.

Associated Middleware

The complete XVL Web3D Manager solution also uses the following middleware.

Middleware Description
Database The database stores and manages data from XVL Web3D Manager, including XVL files and related content.
(ex. MSSQL, Oracle)
HTTP Server The HTTP server processes HTTP requests to store, process, and deliver Web3D content over the World Wide Web.
(ex. Apache, IIS)
Application Server

The application server manages requests from client-side web browsers and communicates with the database to retrieve or store data as necessary.  It uses Java and runs on top of an Apache Tomcat web server.

(Apache Tomcat)

Related Products

Lattice Technology Server Product System Diagram

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Lattice Technology Server Product Comparison

Key Features XVL Web3D Manager XVL Content Manager
Core Features Manage XVL files (Store & Download).
Manage documents (Excel, PDF, etc.).
Version control.
Access control (Based on Role or User Account).
Single Sign-On (LDAP & SAML).
Audit logs.
Background job processing.
Simple search.
XVL Web3D Module Large model handling.  
Publishing interactive Web3D content.  
Component-based HTML templates.  
Making measurements.  
Playing process animation.  
XVL Studio Integration Module Full-text search.     ✓*1
External system integration (ERP, MES, etc.).     ✓*2
Direct XVL viewing and loading from XVL Studio.  
Design change control.  
Publishing interactive 3D Excel content.     ✓*3
  1. Requires XVL Content Manager Full-Text Search Option
  2. Requires XVL Content Manager Integration Option
  3. Requires XVL Content Manager Lattice3D Reporter Publisher

System Requirements

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