XVL Studio Series

Product Overview

The XVL Studio series is a suite of authoring tools for editing and viewing 3D data for product manufacturing. Based on ultra-lightweight XVL, it enables 3D digital transformation of the product manufacturing lifecycle.

XVL Studio provides a variety of tools for verifying product designs, planning manufacturing processes, and creating 3D content such as work instructions and technical illustrations.

The XVL Studio Series includes three grades: Basic, Standard, and Pro, and several options.



Key Features and Benefits

Navigate and Author Large 3D Models

XVL Studio can handle large 3D assembly models, allowing you to work without having to split manufacturing data into smaller sub-assemblies. The entire assembly data can be viewed and edited on a single file, making your work faster and more efficient.



Import All 3D CAD and Interchange Formats

XVL Studio can import native CAD formats such as CATIA, Creo Parametric, NX, Solidworks, as well as other interchange file formats such as JT and STEP. Once these 3D formats are imported into XVL, they can be used together in a single lightweight file.



Check Engineering Designs

XVL Studio offers a wide range of features to check and improve the quality of your designs. The engineering tools range from basic tools such as measurements and cross sections to more advanced tools such as automated interference checking.



Plan Manufacturing Process

XVL Studio allows 3D design data to be used for digital design and verification of manufacturing processes. XVL Studio supports multiple BOMs, including E-BOM, M-BOM, and process sequences. This allows the user to plan the manufacturing process and verify each process while still preserving the original engineering BOM.

Sub Assembly Process.png


Create Work Instructions

XVL Studio makes it easy to create work instructions using process data. Easily create illustrations or animations for each task, and add notes, warnings and other information as required. The work instructions can be published in Excel or Web3D using Lattice3D Reporter or XVL Web3D Manager.

Also check out XVL Work Instruction Suite.



Create 3D Parts Lists with Multiple BOMs

XVL Studio's multi-BOM feature allows you to create and manage several different BOMs with a single XVL model. For example, you can easily create parts lists for E-BOMs, M-BOMs and Service BOMs that interlink with 3D data. 



Create Technical Illustrations

XVL Studio makes it easy to create technical illustrations using 3D data: you can explode assembly parts in 3D, add notes and balloons, and create multiple illustration views. The illustration views can then be exported as raster or vector images for use in technical documentation.

Also check out XVL Technical Illustration Suite.



Auto Update Feature

XVL Studio can automatically update your work when the model changes. When XVL Studio receives a new version of a model, its "Auto Detect and Update" feature automatically scans the new version and finds all of the changes from the previous version. It then shows the changes to the user for verification or correction. When the changes are verified, XVL Studio automatically applies all of the work that was done on the old version to the new version.

XVL Studio's auto update feature enables you to work with confidence, knowing that your work will be carried forward when the model changes.


Use Cases

3D Drawings

View and edit 3D drawings.  Review PMI, add measurements and cross-sections, and capture snapshots to collaborate with stakeholders.

  3D Drawings >

Engineering Design Review

Automatic interference checking tools can detect more problems with large assembly data earlier in the design process. This improves design quality, saves time and reduces cost.

  Design Review >

Process Planning

Convert E-BOM to M-BOM and plan the manufacturing process in XVL. This allows you to identify manufacturing issues early in the design process, improving product quality and reducing cost.

  Assembly Process Validation >

3D/2D Work Instructions

Convert your 3D design data into animated 3D work instructions or illustrated 2D work instructions.

  Work Instructions >

Technical Illustrations

Use 3D data to quickly and easily create accurate technical illustrations.

  Technical Illustrations >


Product Configurations

XVL Studio Grades

XVL Studio Basic

Provides basic viewer functions and engineering functions such as measurements and cross sections.

XVL Studio Standard

In addition to the Basic grade functions, provides work instructions and animation creation functions.

XVL Studio Pro

In addition to the Standard grade functions, provides process planning and design review functions.


Key Features Basic Standard Pro
View and navigate 3D data
Change part visibility
Change 3D display settings
Edit cameras, snapshots
Edit materials, textures and lights
Measure dimensions
Cut cross-sections
Edit notes
Move parts
Check dynamic collisions
Display multiple 3D windows Optional
Snap parts Optional
Display parts lists Optional
Edit annotation views and markup Optional
Edit Manufacturing BOM  
Edit processes  
Edit animations  
Create work instructions  
Automatically detect and apply updates Optional
Use advanced cross-section tools    
Use tools and equipment    
Validate manufacturing processes    
Advanced static interference checks    


Product Options

The following options are available for XVL Studio Series.

XVL Studio Option Key Features Basic Standard Pro
Annotation View Option
  • Save views, add notes and markup, and create 3D design review reports.
Included Included
CATIA V4 Direct Import Option
  • Import CATIA V4 data.
Difference Check Option
  • Detects geometric changes in two 3D models and displays them with color mapping.
Human Option
  • Insert and posture human mannequins to assess the work environment of the manufacturing site.
Illustration Option
  • Provides features for creating technical illustrations.
  • Adds the "Auto Detection and Update" feature to XVL Studio Basic.
Kinematics Option
  • Create robot machine models.
  • Author timing charts.
  • Simulate robot motion with animation.
List Option
  • Use the Edit panel to display and edit lists.
Included Included
Multi-CAD Direct Import Option
  • Import all major 3D formats.
Parasolid Direct Import Option
  • Import Parasolid data.
Path Planning Option
  • Automatically find assembly/disassembly paths for parts and assemblies.
Process PDF Template Option
  • Create 3D work instructions in PDF using customizable templates.
Routing Option
  • Create wires and cables and use them in 3D contents such as illustrations and work instructions.
Shape Reference Link Option
  • Enables XVL Studio to handle extremely large 3D models.
STEP Option
  • Import STEP data.
VR Option
  • View and interact with full-scale 3D models in a virtual reality environment.
  • Use XVL Studio's extensive manufacturing design checking tools in VR.
VR Plus Option
  • Includes VR Option.
  • Supports hand tracking for detailed operations.
  • Supports mixed reality (MR) - see yourself and your immediate surroundings in VR.


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