XVL Studio Basic

XVL Studio Basic is a full-function 3D viewer with basic editing and authoring capabilities, including measurement, annotation, and cross-sectioning functions. It has XVL data editing functions such as material/ texture editing, IGES/Polygon import, and combinations of multiple XVL models. It has an optional Illustration add-on.

It is ideal for 3D data users who wish to review and manually check 3D data.

XVL Studio Standard

XVL Studio Standard provides all the necessary enhancement functions for 3D publishing and downstream use of XVL data, including all the capabilities of XVL Studio Basic plus animation with key frames and process definitions.

This application is tuned for creating fast animation and creative graphics out of 3D data.

XVL Player

XVL Player is a free downloadable 3D viewer for XVL data files available in plug-in versions for Internet Explorer. Includes measurement, cross-sectioning, viewing of XVL animations and data visualization analysis.

Ideal for non-CAD users needing to see 3D XVL data at no charge.

XVL Converters

XVL Converters translate all major CAD and 3D data formats into XVL, and are licensed per CAD format required. Stand-alone or as a plug-in.

Neutral format converters are available as standard with Studio or only as Converter Server solutions

XVL Converter Servers

A server-based application that can automatically convert CAD files into XVL and automatically process newly converted files into downstream publishing, vaulting and secure distribution across the enterprise.

Needs appropriate CAD system licenses in place plus the appropriate XVL Converter purchased.

XVL Converter Scheduler and Manager

XVL Converter Scheduler and Manager schedules and manages XVL Converter Servers and facilitates automated processing of newly converted files including downstream publishing, vaulting, and secure distribution across the enterprise.

Manage and automate the conversion process.

Lattice3D Reporter

With Lattice3D Reporter, you can embed ultra-lightweight XVL versions of your 3D CAD models interactively into any Microsoft Excel file to bring accurate, interactive parts and part numbers immediately into play during product design, engineering and manufacturing processes.

This excellent collaboration tool uses industry standard Excel formats to communicate 3D and related data.

XVL System Toolkit

XVL System Toolkit enables enterprises, integrators and development teams to fully integrate XVL tools and formats within an automated enterprise workflow. This toolkit enables the easy integration of data with ERP and PLM systems, enables automated interference detection, link back to ERP, the integration of Reducer to reduce files and automated vaulting, distribution and management of XVL data combined within existing workflows. Can be sold to internal development groups and application developers. Most PDM systems are supported.

The complete integration tool for your integrated digital manufacturing, PLM, ERP and PDM workflow. Includes XVL Reducer.

XVL Signer

XVL Signer is a security tool for XVL data that limits unwanted access to your 3D data, using National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) acclaimed Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Security and IP protection tool. Part of the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions from Lattice Technology

XVL Web3D Manager

XVL Web3D Manager is a server-based product that manages and distributes web content derived from an XVL model.

3D documents can easily be created and shared among the enterprise via modern web browsers which support HTML5 (without additional plugins) including tablets.

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