Leverage Your 3D CAD Models for Technical Communications

Lattice Technology provides solutions that build on top of existing design and engineering technologies so that manufacturers can now seamlessly use, analyze, simulate, animate, create instructions, parts lists and illustrations directly from 3D design data through every part of the design-to-manufacture process.


Lattice Technology solutions use the XVL format to accurately compress 3D data so it can be used on any computer, and yet retain the usability and functionality needed by manufacturers to perform or create the following:


XVL is the industry's most compressed 3D format while retaining the original accuracy of the 3D file. XVL allows companies to see, use and leverage even the largest 3D CAD assemblies with thousands of parts, which CAD platforms cannot easily do. Leveraging your existing 3D CAD, PLM and digital manufacturing process with Lattice Technology solutions delivers higher productivity, much leaner efficiency and the potential for greater profit than ever before.