Solutions Throughout the Manufacturing Enterprise

Every day companies around the world use Lattice Technology solutions in all stages of the design-to-manufacture process.  From 3D design reviews that bring remote stakeholders into the design process to documentation systems that automatically generate electronic parts catalogs for each product, Lattice Technology provides solutions for the entire product lifecycle. 

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Lattice Technology solutions are designed to enhance existing business processes.  Use them as point solutions to solve specific problems, or integrate them to achieve new efficiencies in multiple departments.  Either way, Lattice Technology solutions can accelerate your company's digital transformation.

Solution Examples

Lattice Technology solutions solve problems and create efficiencies throughout the organization:

  • Design Review - Review the complete 3D model at one time and engage remote stakeholders to identify issues and make improvements early in the design process.
  • Assembly Process Validation - Use design data to start process planning early and use automated tools to validate the processes in 3D.
  • Work Instructions - Easily create 2D, 3D or animated work instructions directly from the design data.
  • Technical Illustrations - Use 3D data to easily create accurate technical illustrations.
  • Electronic Spare Parts Catalogs - Generate a unique electronic spare parts catalog for each product - automatically.

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