XVL Content Manager

A system that enables fast & easy access to complete 3D product data for any stakeholder augmenting your PDM/PLM system

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Complete Product Access

Designed for Data Consumers

Enable access to entire, accurate 3D product models and function-specific authored content such as assembly work instructions.


  • Integration: Toolkits for integrating with PDM, PLM, ERP and CAD systems
  • Multi-CAD: Combine formats from multiple CAD systems
  • Performance: Lightning fast access even for gigabyte-size CAD models

Increase Productivity & Quality

Version Control

Ensure all downstream users are working with the same revision of the complete product and that is it easily accessible.


  • Consolidate all of the 3D data for a product into a single representation
  • Single-source of truth for users downstream from product release
  • Version control for XVL for the entire product, all assemblies, all CAD files
  • Design change support

Extend Value of PDM and PLM Systems

Enables Delivery of Complete Product Data to Stakeholders

PDM and PLM systems are designed to serve product development and are CAD-centric. XVL was designed to serve the data consumer.


  • CAD data in PDM/PLM systems is huge, XVL reduces this to about 1/100th of their original size
  • The ultra-lightweight size enables fast performance and working with an entire product - not just subassemblies
  • XVL supports heterogeneous CAD, so models from multiple CAD systems can be combined into one XVL file 

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