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Webinar: Create Assembly Work Instructions from any CAD Data

Create electronic work instructions and the manufacturing BOM quickly & easily by repurposing 3D data from ANY CAD system.

Friday, January 26th at 3pm ET/2 CT/1 MT/noon PT.


  • How do you create assembly work instructions for manufacturing?
  • How do you create your manufacturing Bill of Materials?
  • How do you update your Manufacturing BOM and work instructions when the design changes?

In this webinar, we will show you how:

  • Step-by-step instructions can be authored on top of the parts and assemblies from your CAD system. The process instructions can be delivered in 2D or interactive 3D in a number of formats/devices.
  • The Manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOM) can be created directly from the Engineering BOM, using a drag-and-drop interface. Of course, specific manufacturing information can be added. Multiple representations of the same parts lists can be created. All parts remain linked to the original parts list for easy management of updates.
  • Design updates can easily be included in the Manufacturing BOM and work instructions.

Using XVL, Lattice Technology enables you to leverage data from any 3D CAD system. XVL is ultra-lightweight; typically CAD models converted to XVL are about 1/100th their original size. This means for manufacturing planning, you are able to easily work with your entire product assembly.

Join our 30-minute webinar on Friday, January 26th at 3pm ET/2 CT/1 MT/noon PT.


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All registrants will receive the webcast recording and the eBook: 3D Manufacturing Evolution. The eBook addresses the topic of how leading manufacturing companies are leveraging the 3D engineering data across their enterprises.

Lattice Technology provides software solutions for authoring and publishing XVL. Our solutions enable users in functions downstream of product development to leverage 3D CAD data for their specific needs. XVL, which is CAD agnostic, was designed to be used outside of product development and engineering. Using Lattice Technology solutions, engineers and non-engineers alike can repurpose and leverage 3D CAD model information for functions ranging from manufacturing to service.

XVL solutions from Lattice Technology benefit companies who produce products with high part counts, complex geometry, detailed manufacturing processes or any ongoing lifecycle support requirements such as documentation, maintenance and training. Target industries range from those developing large products such as airplanes and automobiles to small, complex machinery and medical devices.

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